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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Moment of Beauty...

 “The path takes one into the depths of the heart,
into the abyss and endless love that one finds there.
It leads you from the known to the unknown,
and then further,
into the unknowable,
into a darkness brighter than any light.
Nothing can prepare you for the heart’s journey,
for the places it can take you,
the depths and the heights,
that are within you.

One awakens to the simple
fundamental truth
that there is nothing but

Even the idea of the path
is an illusion:
there is nowhere to go
and nothing to realize,
because everything is God.”

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Sufi Mystic

“What is form in the presence of reality?
Very feeble.
Reality keeps the sky turned over
like a cup above us, revolving.
Who turns the sky wheel?
The universal intelligence.

There is no reality but God,
says the surrendered…
who is an ocean for all beings.”


Photo #1: taken by my husband tonight as he left work.

Photo #2: Different sunset, different night.


  1. 'The depths of dark and light', this year has been a year of brilliant contrasts for me, your words and images are soothing, I love coming here :~)xxx

  2. i so love the going and going and yet knowing, "there is nowhere to go".

  3. even the idea of a path is an illusion. yes. so true yet we seem, esp when younger, to want to have a path to follow.

    1. I think it's human nature, or maybe even the nature of the Self, to search for "Home." :) We're hard wired for it! lol ;)

  4. I'm reminded of what one of my yoga teachers used to say at the end of every class while we were all relaxed in Corpse Pose (Shavasana):

    Nowhere to go
    Nothing to do
    No one to be

    Normally, in the rat race world, such a state would not be considered a good thing. But when one is quietly at peace, isn't it wonderful!

    1. Yes, tis wonderful! - to remember that this is really our natural state :) sigh...

  5. lovely twilight shots. for some reason the writing on "path" makes me think of Carlos Castenda, perhaps it is the words about "there is no path" but if I recall he said something like the path must have heart or that it leads off into the wilderness.

    1. I actually went and looked it up, because I was curious about it. He said: "A path is only a path... Before you embark on any path ask the question: 'Does this path have a heart?' All paths are the same; they lead nowhere. If the path has a heart it is good, if it doesn't it is of no use." Thanks! :) I may read one of his books at some point.

    2. thanks for authenticating my shadowy remembering! I think I am going to pull out these books right now! I like what you found! It's been many years since I've looked at them.

    3. I think I have one of his books floating around here somewhere :) But other things call to me at the moment. But will try to remember to look for it. :) Enjoy...


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