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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Eternal Joy of Deep Silence...

Devote your life to the eternal joy of deep Silence,
to the *awareness* of the deep,
 eternal Silence of the Cosmos -
the hush of The Mystery -
that enlivens your Heart from within…

Let this Silence be your resting place.
Abide here.
It *is* your Home…

Allow the Sacred Silence to carry you -
sustain you -
uphold you –
with its Silent Rhythm…

Do not be deterred from this Sacred Silence,
the warm flame of Eternal Presence…

Wrap the Quiet of Silence around you,
like a soft mantle,
and be still in your Heart…

The deep Silence is your comfort;
is the Presence of The Mystery ItSelf,
infusing and embracing you simultaneously…

Everything is THIS -
this Sacred Silence
that animates and illumines life from within…

Come Home to the deep hum of Silence,
the OM of Silence…
Let it expand your Heart
and sing its Joy…

It is the Eternal Joy of the Heart.

Do not be distracted
as you enter the abode of
The Infinite…

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings from Silence
Novermber 12, 2012

Photo: I have no idea what this was supposed to be.
The camera went off by mistake and left this mysterious image…


The “Silence” that is spoken of here
is a deep meditative Silence,
that brings one into
communion with
the Infinite,
with Home.


  1. perhaps your photograph is showing us the way)))


    1. Don't you just love it when that happens :) The unexpected and unplanned lighting the way. lol

  2. This is lovely Christine, I know what you are speaking of here, I can forget though, as you said in an earlier post when you are going through pain somehow the pain pushes this away. I have a post in the pipe-line called 'Comfort' your words describe what I am trying to get over, but in a different way. Beautiful. x

    1. Thank you Sue, I have been away from this deep Silence far too long, distracted by "life" :) So am not surprised that these are the words that came through - the call, the reminder. Looking forward to your post on Comfort!

  3. lovey, you're words were meditative.

    it's ironic, i was never one for deep stretches of such silence. now that i'm mature enough to be ready for it, i have a little noise thing running around. life has blown a raspberry my way ;)

    but seriously, it has helped my find what i spoke of, that silence is behind all things, including noisy, garish, overwhelming things.

    1. Thanks Monica :) Oh dear, not raspberries! lol... Oh yes, I too discovered long ago that the Silence is behind the noise, if we listen deep enough... And so it seems I am being drawn into the depths of Silence once again. Doesn't have to be for long periods, just enough to become aware of the depths again, to feel it, and carry that awareness of its Presence through the day. Amazing how it restores and refreshes... Hope your little one is well soon!

  4. This felt almost like prayer, Christine... I feel lulled into meditation and much though reading this. "Do not be distracted"...this was good advice as I feel all over the place just, as life is putting so much in my path, and I am putting much in my own way too. ;o) Thank you for your beautiful way of sharing. ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you Tracy. Yes, it does feel like a prayer doesn't it. I never know how these things are going to come out :) It feels like a prayer *from* the Silence, inviting me to its abode again. I have been away from the depths of meditative Silence for a long time due to the distractions of family and life's doings. (No excuses really :) So am feeling the call back into the depths again. It really does help to bring life back into harmony... Hugs back. :)

  5. so beautiful... this resonates deeply for me.


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