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Thursday, November 15, 2012


“In reality only the Ultimate is…
The rest is a matter of name and form.
When you understand that names and shapes
are hollow shells without content,
and what is real is nameless and formless,
just pure energy of the life and light
of Consciousness,
you will be at peace -
immersed in the deep Silence of reality…”


Sweet repose… J

Photo: Shadows of a glass
and two little wooden houses


  1. ...mmm..."just pure energy of the life and light"... taking this with me into the day. :o) Thank you, Christine ((HUGS))P.S. LOVE your photo/image!

  2. what can one say but repeat this all back slowly word for word. it is a prayer for understanding but a quiet prayer, not asking but stating.


    1. Yes, it's like when I first found this quote, suddenly there was just a sense of peace... like, oh, okay... It's all the play of shadows - kind of like Plato's cave :) The nameless and the formless playing with form (or in form). There's something soothing in that. Helps me to see beyond the form to the "deep Silence of reality."

  3. and your image is perfect with this. i feel calm and yet i still feel wonder and mystery.

    1. Thank you Erin :) It has a strange feel to it, but it worked for the quote... I like how the light reflected off the glass *across* the shadows...

  4. Found a book by this author called "I Am That" on the bookshelf when I was staying at a friend's place. Nisargadatta is one of those interesting characters, an uneducated guy from India who found the truth. Some great quotes but a bit of a slog to read as it is done in a long winded question and answer format.

    1. Yes, I have the book :) Has been sitting in my bookshelf for years. I pick it up from time to time. It's not one you can read through from cover to cover. More like just reading a few Q&A's at a time, a section at a time :) I usually find his quotes on line. lol :) He is actually a revered Indian Sage! He was concerned with the human suffering and people realizing their True Nature... :)

  5. this is lovely. it reminds me of an email debate two of my friends were having about what exists and what doesnt exist. what is real and what is not real. one, who lives by the course in miracles, says death is not real, illness is not real, pain is not real. The other says it is real if she thinks its real.

    I didnt enter into the discussion. but thought about it. to me it doesnt matter what is real and what isnt real.

    what matters is the present moment. My tooth hurts in the present moment. Is it real? Is it not real? What difference does it make. My tooth hurts in the present moment. In the next present moment I have "not toothache" as Thich Nhat Hahn says.

    To me that says the same as your quote. Names shapes are hollow. I love that. Mere labels we stick on to things. When in truth "only the ultimate is."

    1. Absolutely! It's always the present moment, and that always changes to another present moment. :) As you say, it's not about the debate about what is real, or not real. Tell the people on the east coast of NJ and NY that their pain and loss is not real! Or that the pain in my ribs is not real... :) Of course on the Absolute/Ultimate level there is no pain, no death etc., as the Infinite Beings that we are. But, as you say, what does that rally matter. And of course what really matters is Love - "the Ultimate" as Nisargadatta calls it - that is the true Reality. Thank you for your lovely insightful comment...

    2. Suki, meant to include this quote from Rumi :) "The heart is comforted by true words, just as a thirsty man is comforted by water." Love and Gratitude...

  6. Love this Christine! Thank you for sharing:)

  7. Nothing but MASSIVE hugs to you Dear Christine...(♥)


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