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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Strange Phenomenon...

I did this funky looking stone balance this past Sunday, but it is not the “strange phenomenon.”  (Or maybe it is!)  I spent nearly two hours trying to get different stones to balance, and it just wasn’t happening.  (Am learning a lot about stones, balance, and inner balance – kind of a Zen thing… J).  Just before I gave up, this one came into being, which was not the original version, nor the original stones.  Within 20 mins the top pentagon piece had toppled; pointing out the impermanence of it all.  You can see why in this shot.

It was precariously perched.  And the bottom “see-saw” pieces also toppled.  What remained looked like a little altar of sorts.

And then Monday morning this was my view out the window. The stones completely crumbled.
Something or someone toppled the remaining stones and left this flower pot bottom right next to the pile of rubbled rocks.

 The plastic terracotta bottom piece had been some 30 feet away from the rocks, lying next to the foundation of the house.  We have no idea how it got over here, or how the rest of the rocks fell over.  So we set up the video camera for two nights to see if we could see what might be playing games with my stones J  Do we have a “spirit”, or is this an intelligent raccoon that dragged it to the rocks.  And if so, why – maybe because he/she wanted to be a stone balancer too!  (not stoned balancer, mind you.) :) lol   However, it gave me this clever idea to carry the rocks around in this pot bottom.  Now how come *I* didn’t figure that out before! lol  I’m evidently not smarter than your average raccoon!

Here are a few links to stone balancing websites. They are fascinating stone “sculptures.”   The first is by Adrian Gray from England. He does his incredible stone balances on the seashore.  The second is Peter Juhl who does his exquisite stone balances on the shores of Lake Superior, and Lake Harriett (in Minneapolis, MN).  And of course, Michael Grab at Gravity Glue who got me started. :)  He does his stone balancing  *in* Boulder Creek, Boulder, Colorado...  Also see my other post on Stone Balance...

“All things are living,
even stones.
It has to be that way;
energy pulsates from their bodies,
since all are part of
the Omnipresent Living Being…”


“This is the realm of the passing away.
All that exists does not for long.
Whatever comes into this world
never stops sliding toward
the edge of eternity…”

Stephen Levine
From Breaking the Drought:
Visions of Grace


  1. we find in the doing of a thing a new perspective and a new admiration for the original doers.

    a true journey of patience, this balancing act ;)

    1. Yes, admiring the "original"/ancient "stone balancers" (assuming you mean the Druids, or Celts?) - and even the the modern day ones too :) Tis indeed a good practice in patience, as is life :)

  2. Your adventures in stone building have been intriguing and inspiring, Christine. I can imagine the patience, trust and courage to do this. I think it is a brave thing! The stack of the stone mirrors much of what goes on inside--tender building. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  3. So meat that you are having fun balancing stones and then wondering what toppled them. I wonder how long Michael Grab's sculptures last?

    1. Ah - yes - the "mystery" creature in the back yard... :) lol I have been following Michael's blog, and some last only a few minutes, others have been lasting more than a week - which I think actually are still standing! The original two that I did (Stone Balance post) are still standing - 12 days later - and after 4-6 inches of snow last night! Incredible.

  4. LOL! Not smarter than the average raccoon? Don't be too hard on yourself--those critters are pretty darn smart!


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