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Monday, February 18, 2013

Embracing Wholeness...

“The realization of wholeness, or non-separation,
is simply recognizing that wholeness is
the essential state of reality,
regardless  of whether it is being experienced
that way.

The experience of wholeness is temporary
and fleeting,
as is all experience.

But wholeness remains
even though the experience passes.
One retains awareness of the truth of it
even when it is not being experienced…”

Everything is embraced/held by Pure Consciousness,
including what we experience as “darkness.”

Nothing is excluded,
even the “darkness”
however that manifests
in our minds.

You have to be willing to dance
with the darkness,
which only means that
you are willing to meet it,
to be with it,
and not try to push it away;
not resist it as something
absent of Light,
but seeing that the
is not the opposite
of Light.

Just dance with whatever
shows up…

The darkness is also
part of the dance.

Nothing is excluded.

Everything is embraced.

It is Love dancing with ItSelf…

Unknown author


  1. Christine, I just finished a post along the same lines - languaged a bit differently but the same thought. Empty vs full - neither good nor bad - just neutral. Wholeness and balance sometimes appear to be different through our eyes than the reality of objective Nature. :) Andrea

    1. So true Andrea! Love your post today! Yes, we tend to see in terms of polarities, opposites, not seeing the wholeness that is already there - the context in which everything occurs. And Nature does seem to have an inherent way of balancing itself, of sustaining equanimity...

  2. "nothing is excluded" - knowing this is a path to peace.

    1. Yes, knowing that everything is embraced is very calming. :)

  3. Dancing with what shows up, this can be a tall order I feel, but nevertheless what is the alternative? Perhaps the dance may have a slow-tempo matching the mood, but all the same dancing!

    I read the Natural Contemplative post, very thought provoking!

    Your shadow image sets the tone for your words creating a complete aesthetic! Thank you. x

    1. :) Yes, what else can we do but dance, which doesn't always mean the dance is cheek to cheek :) It may be a chaotic dance. It's just another way of saying that we must face whatever comes into our lives and not try to avoid it. But to embrace it... Which you have done! Yes, the Natural Contemplative guy is often thought provoking! :)

  4. Aren't we all just dancing in the dark and trying not to step (too hard) on each other's toes? I think it's called "tripping the light fantastic"!

    1. Just following The Rhythm "across the Universe" - as the Beatles song says :) - "pools of sorrow, waves of joy...images of light...sounds of laughter, shades of life...on and on across the Universe." Trying not to trip over my own feet on the way! :) lol

  5. I too like that phrase, dance with whatever shows up. It feels more real to me than "whatever show up you have chosen or willed to show up. Lovely photo

    1. Thanks Suki,,, Yeah I'm not into that either :)

  6. Thank you Sweet Christine ... (♥♥)


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