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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Small Nourishments for the Heart...


“Not the ones speaking the same language,
but the ones sharing the same feeling
understand each other…”


Saying YES to Feeling

“In the willingness to feel,
there is healing.
In the choice
not to closet,
cast aside
deny experience,
energy is freed,
and I dive deeper into life.

To be fully alive is saying
yes to a wide array of human feelings.
When I soften, release and breathe,
I discover I am more than
what I think, feel, reason,
or believe…”

Danna Faulds
Excerpt from “Willingness”
Go In and In

Listening To Your Heart Song

“Hiding in this cage
of visible matter
is the invisible

Pay attention
to her…

She is singing
your song.”



Photo #3
Taken from outside a
basket looking in
through the weave...


  1. "to say yes to a wide variety of feelings". I have been working with embracing my fear and worry with compassion. This is very powerful and contrary to my usual stance of wanting to be rid of these things.

    "yes come here, sweet fear and worry. I know you are trying to help me, to protect me. It's okay. You don't need to do that anymore."

    I find they become less insistent when they are embraced with lovingkindness, kind of like a small child trying to get your attention. All in it's experimental stages of course, as I try to relate sanely to all the parts of me!

    1. Yes, embracing all feelings with compassion - definitely. I was doing that today with depression and anger :) You might be interested in Tara Brach's new book called: True Refuge - Finding Peace and Freedom in Your Own Awakened Heart. I just started it and it's really good! She talks a lot about being present to our feelings.

  2. I have read similar sentiments, both yours and the one from ZenDotStudio and Tara's words too, all are wonderful and strengthening! Your images convey further to me your spirit, it comes through! I think this is the wonder of photography it speaks to my heart! x

    1. Oh good! I was hoping the photos would speak :) Photography speaks to my heart too - especially that top one. Reminds me of my grandmother for some reason, which makes my heart melt... :) Heart Hugs dear one :)

  3. These words and your DAZZLING photos have lifted my afternoon, Christine--thank you! :o) ((HUGS))

  4. Yes, to trying to lean into all the feelings that pass through and not get stuck there...an ongoing exercise of learning to find balance. Rather like constantly learning to ride a bicylcle...wobbly. Personally speaking, of course. I mean, this is the bike path that your words sent me tripping along with my training wheels flapping behind.
    Thanks for cluing us in about the 3rd photo. I had the feeling of looking down and into a sacred room where esoteric movement exercises and chanting would take place.

    1. Yes to not getting stuck in those sticky feelings. :) Depression can be particularly sticky, as I am discovering. I'm still using training wheels too.

      Oh how interesting about the 3rd photo! lol. It was just one of those spontaneous shots. The morning sun was coming through the basket. The cue was in the first line of the poem underneath it: "Hiding in this cage..." My husband thought it looked like ripples of water. Go figure :)

    2. Speaking of cages and sticky feelings, and freeing one's self from being stuck in uncomfortable places, did you see my recent art piece?


    3. I just went over and saw it! Incredible! Love it! Thanks for directing me there! :) Breaking Free!!!! :)


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