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Sunday, April 14, 2013


In meditation last week the word “sanctuary” arose in answer to a question of “what is needed?” with all the emotional chaos and over stimulation that I have been experiencing in life lately – like the last 3 years J.  And since I won’t be packing up and moving to a monastery any time soon, I wondered how I would “create” this emotional and physical sanctuary that was required for my well-being – not as an escape, but as respite.  As synchronicity would have it, dear hubby was going to be out of the house on Friday and Saturday for several hours each day.  At the time I thought I would use this time to catch up on some cleaning.  Instead, Life required “sanctuary” and I knew it as soon as he left.   As I shut the door behind him, I felt an immediate call to Sacred Silence – the refuge that truly nourishes my Heart. 

I went to my meditation space, lit a candle, burned incense, rang a bell and sat.  Breathed – and settled.  I relaxed into the inner Silence that enlivens this being – my true Sanctuary.

I began to notice body sensations – the remnants of anxiety and depression: heaviness and tightness in the gut, chest and throat; the foggyhead, the aching muscles from left over guardedness.  And vestiges of the mental gymnastics that keep me bound to living on the surface of life.  I felt sadness emerge from the depths again in waves, and acknowledged its presence.  It rose and dissipated with recognition.  In “Sanctuary” everything is allowed and embraced, seen and acknowledged:  fear, anxiety, anger, depression, sadness, even happiness and joy, as the Presence of Silence envelopes it.  In “Sanctuary” they are only waves upon the deeper Ocean of Being.

In the “Sanctuary” of inner Stillness I asked: What is the deeper need?

I listened deeply for the Voice of Silence that always whispers the Truth.

“Sanctuary" was the reply once again.
"Rest in the inner Sanctuary,
aware of everything:
thoughts, feelings, sensations, body;
the pulse of Silence, and
the Rhythm of Life running through it all."

I relaxed deeply, held in the unborn, pre-existent, ever flowing, ever fluid, ongoing Infinite Now - the ground of our being - that comsumes the past, present and future; experiencing the felt sense of Presence once again – “Sanctuary.”

“Sanctuary” is a place of deep nourishment, embraced by pure Presence.  It is a place to incubate, to open to the depths of Reality and and explore the Eternal Now.  It offers an invitation to turn around, to return to the inner cosmos of Being; to collapse the mind, the self, and let go of conceptual reality, experiencing what is Real – the Isness of Being ItSelf – Primoridial Existence  - simply Being.

“Sanctuary” is the internal Stillness of the peaceful contentment of a tranquil heart and mind in tune with the Cosmos.

“We must get back into relation,
vivid and nourishing relation to
the cosmos and the universe…
For the truth is,
we are perishing for lack of fulfillment
of our greater needs.
We are cut off from the great sources
of our inward nourishment and renewal,
sources which flow eternally in the universe.”

DH Lawrence

Indra's Net of Jewels Mandala
digitally radially blurred...
Magic! :)


  1. As so often, Christine, you express the essentials so well... I really resonated with "In Sanctuary everything is allowed and embraced, seen and acknowledged..." of not being afraid to allow what is there, what surfaces to be there. And then be brave and ask for what is needed. And then being more brave still and answering our own needs. :o) I wonder if your new mandala art is part of your Sanctuary? This particular image has a great cosmic-connection feel--I love this one! Happy Week..PEACE ((HUGS))

    1. Thanks Tracy! :) It all unfolded so beautifully... So far the mandala art is not part of "Sanctuary." It still feels like "work" :) But I can see where it would become that. It certainly allows for moments of silence, but does not connect me to that deep Source of Silence within that I feel during meditation.

  2. allowing everything is a precious moment.

    it's interesting to me how we tend to fill the opportunities for silence and solitude, almost habitually. i have an unwavering determination, that when my girl is in school (4 half-days) it's all creative/study/self time.
    cleaning happens with or alongside my family! ;)

    1. Yes, most try to fill the spaces of Silence with busyness, with doing, rather than delving into the Silence and truly experiencing that realm of pure Being, without agenda - even without the need for creativity or study, or "self" time. It's all about letting go of all that and just being with the Silence and letting it speak....

  3. lovely exploration of sanctuary! you have a word!

    1. YES! I have my word :) lol Seems like this one may stick around for a while as I explore all the ins and outs of "sanctuary"...

  4. This is yes, this is everything, this is it. All that you've written here, expressing what you experience, what you seek, what you push for. We are remembering, and it does not come naturally. We have to work hard at it, though when we do it consistently and steadily, I think the flow is more ready and sure. Thank you for this space you create, for this truth, for keeping on.


    1. Thank you Dear Ruth! Your comment is much appreciated and encouraging... I find that when I listen deeply in that internal space of "Sanctuary" the remembering and flow comes more easily; is more readily available. I guess that is why it is my "Sanctuary." :) With much gratitude for your Presence...

  5. beautiful words. and in a way, how simple to find sanctuary by sitting still in a sacred space we have created for ourselves. again, i so love reading your words. you express deep thoughts so beautifully.

    1. And thank you Dear Suki for your lovely words. :) The words that come out of "Sanctuary" just seem to flow ~ ~ ~

  6. When I was studying art I had a project called 'sanctuary', I was studying photography and photo-therapy. My subject was a series of images of my niece's little girl playing with her things in her bedroom 'sanctuary'. This was her escape from the fall-out of bitterness experienced through her parent's break-up! Your visits to self in silent 'sanctuary' reminded me of this!

    Have a lovely weekend.


    1. Thank you Sue... That must have been a heartfelt project to do! Hugs back :)

  7. Ah yes...sanctuary...one of the most beautiful words I know, and your luminous mandala offers it in abundance!

    1. Yes, "Sanctuary" is so beautiful... I'm sure you are familiar with it as well! :) I love the radially blurred affect of this mandala, as it gives it a fluid look - like an endless, fluid sanctuary... :)