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Friday, June 7, 2013

Medieval Mandala...

When I started creating the design for this mandala the *idea* was for something that looked like Cathedral Windows, but I had no idea it would turn out like this! - looking like something from a Renaissance Festival! lol  I wanted a warm glow and the old fashioned tudor style window, which actually looks more like a medieval castle window – hmmmm.  I wonder where in the psyche this one emerged from! lol…

I’m not sure I like this one, although in a strange way it appeals to me. And the process of creating it reminded me that life, like art, doesn’t always turn out the way we had envisioned – it unfolds the way it needs to.  There are sometimes dark places that one must traverse that transform us.   Light gets through as we learn to embrace the dark…   As we open, and become receptive to life as it is, something lets go, the form transforms – and...

Zoom Blur - radiant light and fluid energy emerge that was there all along – a true Renaissance!
Notice what appears to be candle flames and chalices… :)

pours light
into every cup,
quenching darkness.

The proudly pious
stuff their cups with parchment
and critique the taste of ink

while God pours light

and trees lift their limbs
without worry of redemption,
every blossom a chalice.

Hafiz, seduce those withered souls
with words that wet their parched lips

as light
pours like rain
into every empty cup...”



Top Photo: The right side came out darker
and a little blurry because the
light was uneven.


  1. it turned out really well. don't think i've ever seen a cathedral window mandala.

    yes, there is a ton of surrender in art.

    1. Thank you Monica! I appreciate your comment :) Yes, surrender seems to be the name of the game in life too...

  2. Love your mystical meandering,
    you gained 'sacred ground'!

    Have a lovely weekend. x

    1. Thank you Sue :) And I love your exquisite painting and your humorous tale of toppling over :)

  3. I love the textured look - at first glance it reminded me of snake skin or leather. And of course Hafiz has laid my heart bare yet again.

    1. Thank you Stacy... Interesting you should mention leather. As I was working this one, it began to feel like leather. The paper became pliable, more like leather. And of course with all that coloring in with pencil it added to that feel. It was hard to get a picture actually because of the glare - like old book leather...

  4. This one is incredible. I said "Africa" when I first saw it. It has a feel of shields and drums

    I really like how you are combininb the repetitive forms of mandalas with the blurrings of photos and your talent with the camera. Or camera programs.

    And the Hafiz quote is lovely. Interesting he refers to himself by name.

    Pencil? I didnt know you were using colored pencils to do these.

    1. Thanks Suki :) Oooo Shields and Drums, I like that. I kinda got the feeling of a shield as well - like a Viking Shield of some kind... Yes, I use PrismaColor colored pencils :) When I first started doing mandalas I was using water color pencils, then painting in the color with a brush, but since I've been working with black paper I have been using the colored pencils. Another woman I have been in touch with does her mandalas with acrylic paints on canvas! I may graduate to that eventually :) I think the woman you know from the Netherlands at Mandalas and More paints hers...

      The blurring is simple with Adobe Fireworks, although there are evidently other computer programs that you can get to do the blurring.

      Yes, I thought that was interesting as well - Hafiz referring to himself. I have seen another poem of his where he does the same.

  5. OMG! That altered version goes straight to my heart chakra. Seriously has a powerful effect on me. In a wonderful way. Transcendent, indeed!

  6. I like this one too very much. The colors are soothing this morning. :) I like both images also. And the Hafiz is wonderful. It complements the Kay Swenson poem well, I think, from yesterday's small ("Distance and a Certain Light").

    1. Thank you Ruth...Glad you found it soothing... :)


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