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Sunday, June 30, 2013

How Big Is Reality?...

“There once was a beautiful white swan
 that came from the great ocean to the North.
After being in the South for the winter,
 it was ready for the return journey home.
So it took off and with its big wing span
 and shining white feathers,
it soared effortlessly through the blue sky.
After a long while, and far along the journey,
 the swan began to tire and came down to land for a rest.
  It landed right on the edge of a water well
and let out a deep sigh.

In the bottom of this well there lived a frog.
The frog said,
’Well, who are you and where do you come from?’

‘I am a swan,
 and my home is on the water
 of the great northern ocean,’
answered the swan.
‘Ocean? How big is this ocean?’ asked the frog.

‘Very big’, said Swan.

‘Is it this big?’ Frog asked, taking two hops backward.

‘No, much bigger,’ said Swan.

So the frog took five huge hops backward, saying,
’Is the ocean this big?’

Swan said, ‘No, it’s much bigger than that.’

And so the frog went around the entire well -
his whole reality, as he knew it -
and asked the swan,
’Now, is the ocean as big as this?’

And the swan said,
’No, it’s much, much bigger!’

Thereupon the frog said,
’Well, you’re a fool and a liar!’
because he knew there could be nothing
bigger than his world and his well.”

Author Unknown…


How big is your Reality? J
I’m slowly climbing out of that well!


Photo: The inside of a large earthenware flower pot


  1. LOVE the "mysterious" feeling of the photo, Christine! There are times when my world feels very big, and sometimes too full. Other times if feels comfortably small, if that makes sense. Lately I feel a I feel a quiet happiness in just be-ing...being my small self in this big world. :o) ((HUGS))

    1. Yes, the ever-shifting view of Reality and ourselves, and how we create our story of it... :)

  2. I do think I fluctuate between paying attention to small things and also stepping back and trying to embrace the largeness. Certainly I know I create so many options in my mind as to how to live life (limitless) that sometimes I do have to narrow down and return to small me in a small moment.

    1. Yes, how easy we forget that the Vastness is what we *are* and contract down to a limited frogs view of Reality and ourselves. It's hard to maintain the bigger perspective of the Swan :) But I'm workin' on it :)

  3. What a great fable! Had never heard it before. It is rather upsetting at first when the cracks begin to appear in one's well-defined viewpoint of the world.

    1. Indeed that is true, how we struggle to keep our view... But cracks are how the light gets in :) So bring it on! lol

    2. The enlightenment of crackpots?

    3. Ha-Ha :)... Yes there are many of those out there aren't there :)

  4. Love this, have been away to visit the ocean, didn't see any frogs ;~)xxx

    1. Ahhh - how delightful! You spread your big beautiful white wings and went to the Ocean! Hope you have been rejuvenated. And hope you have pictures! :)


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