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in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cosmic Love...

I have conversed with the Universe,
contemplated and cogitated,
ascended and descended,
polarized, conceptualized and spiritualized;
dis-membered and re-membered -
and still, I find no -

Only vastness and immensity,
beyond theory, framework and perception.
The Greatest, Grandest Mystery
in an ever unfolding nebula,
procreating itself in billowy clouds
and golden streams of stardust
in an endless infinity.

A golden thread weaves through space
without beginning or end, through
the Silence beyond creation, through
Sound beyond sound, and
Light beyond light…

Matchlessly weaving its Eternal vibration
through timelessness,
into time and times beyond time,
with one theme braided into its
unending spiral
through dimensions,
distortions, and

~ Love~

From this divine, mysterious weave
we dance the dance of duality,
complete in our light and our dark
 within a vast Cosmic Love
of Divine Embrace…

Mystic Meandering
Winter Solstice 1999
Revised Sept 2013


Photo: Shadow on a wall
digitally colored…


  1. Beautiful,
    "complete in our light and our dark"
    and every shade in between! Hugs x

  2. dis-membered and re-membered -
    and still, I find no -

    Oh, my. . . EXACTLY.

  3. I would say your serenity sabbatical had a very positive effect on your creativity.

    1. O'gee thanks :) And I hope your Lotus Land "summer sabbatical" was all you hoped it would be! :) Can't wait to see your artistic photos! :)

  4. Love this poem! Dimensions, distortions and dysfunctions - marvellous!

  5. This lifted me in a way words cannot express enough. A joy to read, Christine! I've not been well... and this lifted me from my body, even for a moment. I taking a digital sabbatical for some time, I hope to be around when I can. :o) ((HUGS))

    1. Sorry to hear of your health problem. I can certainly empathize... I seem to be on a "digital sabbatical" myself - waiting for the words to come. Wishing you peace in the "downtimes."


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