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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Make a Journey of Love...

Make your journey to be a journey of Love,
for all is Love…

Open daily to Love.
It is always there,
always available…

Make yourself available
to Love

Feel Love’s Presence
carrying you…

Each day step into
the channel
of Love’s call…

It is time to see things new -
through innocence and Love…
Despite the pains and frustrations,
wounds and traumas
that are emerging
through the physical body
and collective body.

Embrace it all in Innocence…

This is the lesson:

To see Love in everything.
It is the Divine Truth of all things…

The deep change you need comes through/from
the confluence of Love within you…
Pay attention to its flow,
its music,
its message:

There is nothing but Love.

It is your destiny to BE Love
from which you came
and which you are…

It is your Truth and your Substance…

Let the seeds of Love grow within you
to blossom and flower into its fullness.

It is already there in your Heart -
in the core of your Being.


This is the same Amaryllis plant from my previous post.
The light from the sun showing through the petals
gives it this yellow tinge and glow.  It also
actually had little sparkles on the petals
which I couldn’t capture with my camera…

The Amaryllis plant is a symbol for many things
one of which is opening to the infinite expansiveness of Love
giving the strength to dance intimately with Life
 and speak from the Heart
with clarity and compassion…


Verses under photos are from my
meditative writings


  1. Just beautiful. Love is the background to it all indeed. <3

    1. It was your recent post on Love that inspired me to post this! :) I will be posting another on Monday evening giving a link to that post... Stay tuned :)

  2. Thank you so much, MM. Your post is inspiring and beautiful...a flower showing its love. Blessings.

    1. Thank you Susan... Yes, it seems I have made a "love connection" with the Amaryllis... Who knew :)

  3. How your words fill my heart at this time, yes opening more to 'love' is the only thing, I was saying this very same thing to my son earlier today... Love is the answer to everything. You only need to behold the Amaryllis to recognize love manifested to us, your words too are beautiful...x

    1. Yes - indeed - opening to the Love that infuses all Life - that is the ground of all Existence. So true that the Amaryllis invokes such Love just looking at it. Think that's why I took so many photos :)
      May you be held in the Embrace of Divine Love always... Heart Hugs

  4. Positively exuding love and energy, that gorgeous red flower being!

    1. I know :) Don't you just "love" it! LOL Sorry couldn't resist... :)

  5. BEAUTIFUL, exquisite writing, Christine! I couldn't agree more. We are made to love, love is our calling. To make life a response to this calling, it is the highest "art", I think. Love is a choice we can make each day, begin anew with each day. I find great comfort in that. So happy you shared your writings with us on Love this time--the love energy is just contagious!! And not least the wonderfully "matching" Amaryllis images. :o) ((HEART HUGS))

    1. Thanks Tracy, glad you liked it :) They were spontaneous writings that came from my time in meditation many years ago. Sometimes I wonder *where* they came from! Must be that deep place of Silence...

      And I like your response that "life is a response to this call - love is our calling." Lovely :)

  6. Beautiful...I love the way the light shines through the flower, and also through your words.


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