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Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter's Light...

And yet, though we strain against the deadening grip
of daily necessity,
I sense there is this mystery:

All life is being lived.

Who is living it then?

Is it the things themselves,
or something waiting
inside them,
like an unplayed melody
in a flute?

Is it winds blowing over the waters?

Is it the branches that signal to each other?

Is it flowers
interweaving their fragrances,
or streets
as they wind through time…

Rainer Maria Rilke
from: Book of Hours


Yes, we are still in Winter here! J
March is our snowiest month,
along with temps in the 60’ and 70’s!

Top photo: Snow on Trees color inverted…

The photos below were taken by my husband the morning after,
out the back window...
  How magical the pristine beauty that emerged….

”The Mystery” is here,
in everything,
*as* everything…

In looking into “The Mystery”
there is a sense of intimacy.
There is only
deep, deep Love
reflected back…

In the deep Womb of the Heart
there is a song…
It is sung with tenderness
for every heart that aches
from its imagined separateness
from The Beloved…

Sit in deep Quiet and listen
until you hear It…


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  1. To me snow on bare branches is the most magical of visions. Your tender, deep expressions fill me with the softest love on this day ~ Pure! x

    1. Yes. it was/is so magical, that wet snow clinging to each branch...A winter wonderland :) Comforting...


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