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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Joy of Rain!

Some of you may think that I spend a little too much time in the ethers, floating in the Cosmos with the planets and stars… J  I can assure you that is not true.  Well actually, we are all floating in the Cosmos of planets and stars on a planet suspended in space.  We just *think* the earth is all there is… LOL J  This morning it was raining on my part of planet earth. And it brought such *delight*!  It brought joy to my Heart and lifted my Spirit.   It was an innocent, playful JOY I had not felt in a long time.  I know some of the world has been getting too much rain, and there are floods, and people have lost homes and been misplaced as a result. And for that I feel sadness and compassion.  And some of you are tired of seeing white all winter long that has caused so much havoc over the south and east.  But here in semi-arid Colorado we haven’t been getting much all winter, except in the mountains.

So when I looked out the window and saw the pavement wet with rain this morning, my heart leaped with JOY!  There’s something “inviting” about rain. It wants you to come play… 

It’s been ages since we’ve had RAIN!  I grew up in New England where we had rainy, wet Springs and I miss it – the *sound* and smell of wetness.  It opens me up and makes me more *aware* of Life!  It has a sound you know – the swish under the tires of passing cars, the patter on my jacket, the clopping of my shoes on wet pavement. And then there’s the exhilerating cool wet feeling on my parched skin, and the earthy smell of moisture filling my dry nostrils, and the movement and fluidity that it creates.

 Just wetness!

I realized today just how much my spirit *needs* it. 

And so I put my play clothes on, and took myself on a little excursion.

I rode around in the rain, until it turned to snow, snapping some photos with my *regular* camera.  I don’t have a camera on my old clunky cell phone.  But I quickly saw how one becomes *distracted* trying to drive and use a camera!!!  Not a good idea… J

It's better if you wait until you're stopped at a light :)

Anyway, here is a link to a poem I wrote several years ago after some rain.   May you find what makes your Heart sing! – no matter what the weather… J

*NOTE* - Top photo is from a greeting card and is copyrighted by
Chris Jones, The Borealis Press 1997


  1. Hi Christine, this is such a joyous post!
    Love, love, love, that you had such a release of spirit, quenched by the gift of rain and your images bring your playful delight right across the ocean so that I can connect with your heart...
    Have a happy spring...hugs x

    1. Thank you Sue :) Magical rain will do that :) Yes, we are connected Heart to Heart :)

  2. Also, going back to 2010 to read your poem was joyous! Thank you once again. . .

  3. Ahh so beautiful and uplifting post! This week it was raining here too! I love love the rain but this time I didnt take the time to enjoy it. Now I wish I did n I think it may be late! We are entering scorching summer!! But ur post was such a welcoming break in my life! Thanka Christine <3

    1. Thanks Aarathi! :) Yes, soon enough we will be in Summer season here as well :( needing more rain... Wishing you time to enjoy life in your busy schedule and motherhood :)

  4. Indeed! It rained here last week and the smell was intoxicating after a couple of months without precipitation!

    1. Oh yes :) Intoxicating :) Everything becomes more pungent - ahhhhh

  5. And anyway, I love the rain!!! Aloha


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