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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Golden Chain of "Spirituality" - Chogyam Trungpa

As long as we follow a spiritual approach promising salvation,
miracles, liberation, then we are bound by the
'golden chain of spirituality.'  Such a chain might be
beautiful to wear, with its inlaid jewels and intricate carvings,
but nevertheless, it imprisons us.
As long as one's approach to spirituality is based upon
enriching the ego, then it is spiritual materialism...

Buddhist Meditation Master

Personal Note: Chogyam was evidently a controversial figure, as one can see with this provocative piece, which may seem a little harsh to some...  My personal experience is that "spirituality", in its many forms, can actually constrain and contain the natural expression of our True Beingness, because with any *form* of "spirituality", or religion, there is a certain conformity to that ideology/belief.  The expression of our Pure Beingness then, often becomes stifled by that ideology/belief, which then becomes an obstruction, or constriction, to the freedom of the Pure Being that is within; that wants to express ItSelf through this mechanism we call "me", because we try to fit into a conceptual mold of a particular form of "spirituality" that we have identified with.  The point, IMHO, is to remain open to how Pure Beingness, (aka The Mystery, Life) beyond belief, beyond form, wants to come alive in us and express ItSelf in, through and as us, which may not be what we *think*... :)  _/\_


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