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Monday, September 12, 2016

An Empty Room - Mooji

There is an empty room,
come fully inside,
There are no stories here.
There is no past or future here.
No relatives.
No names, no forms, time, no self.
Don't be in your head now.
Listen from another place;
a holy place deep inside your being.
There is a room without walls.  No door.
Nothing lives here.
It is not dead space.
It's your true place and Being.
The mind will try to say something like:
"You cannot stay here," or
"There is nothing here for you,"
but this voice is also phenomenon,
while You are not.

Therefore, touch nothing.
Pay attention only to you unmixed self now,
not the personal sense of self.
Personality is only a garment worn by the Self
for a duration called a lifetime.
The body is also just a garment worn for the time being.
Rare is a human being who comes to this place
which cannot be divided;
that cannot die,
where there are no beginning or ends.
It is the most pure - immaculate.
From here ego and world arise as fleeting images,
but the Real does not arise.
It permeates all, yet nothing permeates it.
Leave everything.
Be here.

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