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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Rest in the Gap - Frank Ostaseski

All things change...
The way we end one experience shapes the way the next one
arises.  Clinging to the old makes it difficult for something 
new to emerge...

Breathing is a microcosm of life itself.  Every breath goes
through a process of birth, growth, and death.  At the very
end of the exhale, there is a gap, a pause.  Breath has left
the body, and we don't know for certain if it will return.
Do you trust that the next in-breath will emerge on its own?
Can you rest your mind in the gap? Can you let the breath
breathe you?

Breath is the most intimate connection we humans have to
the realm of "God."  The breath is the vehicle for reaching
the transcendent.  The breath takes us to that experience that
is deeper than words, deeper than thought, deeper than form...

The breath invites us into the body.  We can learn to align
with the breath and move with it, to allow the breath its own
natural depth and flow.  Every breath takes us to where we 
belong.  As we relinquish command of it, we gradually feel
the breath breathing us.

The breath becomes a resting place...

Frank Ostaseski
From - The Five Invitations


Photo - Mystic Meandering


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