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Monday, January 31, 2022

Unknowableness - Richard Wehrman

He searched for certainty
in an uncertain world;
he looked at the unseen,
and since it was unseen,
sought to bring it near,
to refine its sharpness,
to make it holdable, to
find tangibility.  His
efforts all failed; he sought
to make water solid, to 
give soul a distinct form,
to quantify love so that
he could hold it in a box,
to carry it with him.
His efforts all failed.
With every new attempt
he saw the outcome, his
patterns became transparent,
yet he still walked  familiar
paths; only old age
seemed to offer help, taking
away his capacities; the
way one thing became
another, without his knowing
how.  Only unknowableness
seemed to offer any
way in,
to bring him,
unexpectedly, relief from
his mind.

Richard Wehrman
From: Being Here


Photo - Mystic Meandering


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