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Monday, January 23, 2023

"Spiritual Practice" - Frank Ostaseski

Authentic "spiritual practice" is not about maintaining high
altered states, transcending the body, bypassing difficult emotions,
or healing all that remains unresolved within us.  "Spiritual
practice" helps us settle into the utter simplicity of being ourselves...
The healing happens when we bring awareness to the places
that have been hardened in us through the conditioned habits
of grasping, resistance and avoidance.

Mindfulness [awareness] is the deconditioning [of those habits].
Then things are free to be as they are.  We allow the difficult,
dark and dense.  We become more intimate with our full humanity
and discover an ever-deeper, vast sense of wholeness.

Being who you are can only arise from
accepting where you are.

Frank Ostaseski
The Five Invitations


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  1. One of those posts that give comfort at just the right time. Thank you. But, what is that animal?!

    1. I really don't know. Initially I thought it was a pig after rolling around in the mud, but it has too much hair to be a pig :) In any case the metaphor is just being our muddy selves :)

  2. I think it's a Mangalitsa pig. :)


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