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Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Dalai Lama

Today is the Dalai Lama’s 74th birthday. I am not a “practicing Buddhist.” However, if I were to have a label it would most likely be what my Buddhist blogosphere friend over at ZenDotStudio lovingly calls a “bookstore Buddhist.” :) I love Buddhist wisdom and have read, or listened to, many of the more well known, popular Buddhist teachers from many traditions.

So today I want to honor the Dalai Lama here – as well as the Dharma. I am drawn by his loving heart of Compassion, his laughter and innocence. His presence elicits compassion and innocence in me, and my heart sighs. There’s a resonance there. Who knows, maybe I was a Buddhist in a past life. :)

And too, I bow in my heart to all my Buddhist friends, acquaintances, and bookstore teachers, past, present and future. And to the Dharma, the Truth that Buddhism holds, and that has fed me over the years – even if only in little slices and morsels here and there along the path. And to all the little Buddhas in us all – the little shining jewels of compassion in our hearts…

May our Buddha Nature sing with joy…

Heart Smiles – MeANderi


  1. Well yes a hearty happy birthday to the Dalai Lama! Didn't know it was his birthday but yes we are truly fortunate to be living at the same time as this wonderful incarnation of the Buddha of Compassion, Avolakishevra (Sp?).

    Sometimes when I feel angry at someone or something I think of the Dalai Lama and his attitude to China and think to myself, if he can feel compassion toward them in light of what has happened there, surely I could try to generate a little compassion in this particular situation.

  2. Hi ZenDotStudio :)

    I know... Remaining open-hearted in difficult situations has always been a challenge for me, especially with my mother. But, I have to remind myself that anger arises and falls within the totality of who we are - Presence (Buddha Nature). It's just an energy stream moving through. And even if I can't *feel* compassion in the moment, I can step back and be present from Presence, the Inner Being, as Eckhart Tolle calls it.

    Still - easier said than done...

    Heart Smiles to you! Christine


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