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Friday, July 31, 2009

New Poem on ASS

Now that I have your attention :) And yes, that’s my husband’s butt…

I am posting the debut of a "new" poem here and on my website: A Serenity Sanctuary (ASS).

If you like prose poetry and haven’t yet visited my offerings you can read them on the Celestial Songs page. Most all of the prose poems emerged in moments of awakening. Some are very cosmic and existential sounding. All are of a “spiritual” nature – expressions from the Stillness. They are offered as an invitation to touch and be touched by Serenity.

If you’re not into poetry but are interested in more musings, there are several on the Musings page covering topics like Stillness, Meditation, and Enlightenment.

And so, let the unveiling begin… From my Heart to yours –

The Whisper

The Rhythm of the Silence calls me
back into Itself again and again…
It waits patiently while I move
through my stories – through my illusions.

The Rhythm invites me to dance –
to sway to its movement –
to hear its pulse –
like a whisper in the background of noise
trying to get my attention.

I have to be still to hear the whisper
of the Rhythm speaking softly –
come, be with me
come and be still
come, listen, hear me
come, dance with me
come, be with me
come and be still

I turn my attention to listen curiously,
as if someone has spoken behind me.
I wait and listen – aware.
The Rhythm rises – palpable.
It draws me to it.

I bow to the whisper of The Rhythm.
We embrace and dance the dance of Stillness.
Partners in Silence…

Mystic Meandering
March 17, 2009

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