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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Serenity's Sanctuary - Compassion

Each Sunday I am going to do a blog post called “Serenity’s Sanctuary.”
It will offer a photo and an excerpt from one of my Ebooks
that are now being offered FREE on the website.
May the offerings touch your heart & inspire you.

Compassion is knowing that
you are part of everyone,
and everyone is a part of you - is you.
When seeing this there is no longer judgment,
just a deeper understanding and respect
for our humanity –
a deepening of compassion.


In the deep Stillness of Being
there is a fullness of Being that just is;
a deep compassion for everything as it is.

There is a sense of compassion for the world
when seen as a whole – in context.


The nature of Being is deep compassion.

Sweet Serenity...



  1. What a great post. And what a photo! It really says it all. Made my eyes water hard! :) Thanks for a powerful post, Christine.


  2. Thanks Meg! Glad it touched you. The photo was taken by a friend, of a friend, of a friend kind of thing several years ago. It has had a place in my meditation space, and my heart, ever since.:) C