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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Awareness Moments

Every new experience becomes a new awareness moment,
and every awareness moment opens a portal to a new level of awareness…

Like walking through a field of tall grass, having to part the grass
as you go, to make your way - with each step
the path is made evident by the awareness.
When you part the grass, you open up the path to
a new experience - a new awareness.

Each parting of the grass, each step through life,
*is* the present moment.
Each new experience *is* the present moment.

You have to be receptive to what is revealed
in the parting of the grass,
what the new portal of awareness offers…

You can’t control what’s there.
You can’t control what is revealed.
But you can be receptive to what the moment offers…

Every moment is the present moment.
Every step *through* life is an opening
to the present moment.
It’s a chain of awarenesses that allows greater awareness
of the whole…

Wisdom from my husband in conversation today…

Photo – Christine
view through skylight


  1. Thank you for stopping by. Glad it spoke to you. :)

  2. Lovely MeAnderi.
    Nothing like having a wise man in your life...I know, because I have one too. :o)

    This really touched me...thank you.
    And thank you for visitng my blog.


  3. Thank you Ama!

    Sometimes my husband surprises me! :) And his wisdom touched me too, so had to share it...

    Am looking forward to reading more of your lovely blog. Love your bunny icon too :)

    Heart Smiles...