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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Rain Connects Me...

The rain connects me
with the yearnings
of the Heart ~
with feelings deep inside…

The rain connects me
with the gentleness and softness
of memories…

The rain connects me
with the woundings
of missed moments,
the tears of loss,
and allows them all to come home…

The rain connects me
with peace and tranquility,
with simplicity,
and time to Just BE…

The rain connects me
with the Heart again.
It cracks me open and
floods me with the embrace of Love…

The rain connects me
with the Heart of Living…

Mystic Meandering
April 22, 2010

Photo – my April calendar page :)


This morning was what my husband and I call “an Alaska day” – rainy and low cloud cover over the mountains. We had the good fortune to take a trip to Alaska nearly 23 years ago! My how time flies… We *loved* the rainy weather there. So we got out our “Alaska” photo album today and reminisced. Looking at the photos seemed like it must have been a past life. It seemed faint, distant, not real. I see myself there and yet I know that I’m not there-there – of course, it’s a memory. And I’m not the same as then. Things change in 23 years, and not just physically. Back then there was no real “spiritual path,” no sense of real Awareness, no mindfulness about life, no sense of just Being, not the savoring of each moment.

We thought we’d go back to Alaska for more visits, for more moments, but Life had other directions to go… Reminiscing this morning reminded me that there’s really only this moment that we’re living. There really is no past, or future – except in the mind. No matter what moment I am in, it’s the present moment. The trip to Alaska was a present moment – back then – and now only exists in memory and photos, as if it never really happened. The rain this morning was a present moment that turned into another present moment and another – which actually turned into a blizzard of snow - and then back to rain in the next moment. And tomorrow will be another series of present moments, all connected.

Today reminded me that life, like the weather, is “momentary” - a series of present moments – one right after the other. And each moment has something to offer, an awareness: a pink lady with a white dog in a moment of connection; a reflection in a puddle; the memory of missed moments, of losses; mud-wrestling with suffering giving way to clarity, or the simple joy of connecting with the rain… All fluidly connected – moment-by-moment - delighting in each little moment– one-by-one. The Heart of Living…


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  1. great reminder of how we can learn from what comes to us each day.