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Friday, April 9, 2010

Enamored with The Buddha

I suddenly have become enamored with The Buddha… Like a poet finding their beloved…

Yesterday while meditating “The Buddha” showed up. I know this may sound a little woo-woo, but I’m just reporting on form here… Well, he didn’t show up “literally” of course. There was no vision, no image, but there was definitely a sense of “Buddha energy” in the room, and in me.

It’s been a while since I’ve had really “good” sitting meditation. And being a “mystic” on a meandering path I never really know who to “pray” to. Sometimes it’s “Spirit,” sometimes the “Divine Mother” (no, not the Christian version, more like the Goddess – the Mother Energy of all creation), sometimes it’s just “the Universe,” and sometimes it’s my sense of “Spacious Awareness” that just Is, or “Being-Self.” It’s usually something universal. But yesterday it became clear that I was sitting with “the Buddha.” Wow… It blew me away actually. And now I can’t get enough. I want more of The Buddha. I want all things Buddha. Is this a natural reaction… :) (I *still* feel “the presence” even today as I tend to my daily requirements, and assisting my sister.)

There was a *tangible* feeling of peace and equanimity in this presence! A sense of Divine Love – and Trust! It was as if his meditating face was right inside of mine, as if “I” had become the face of The Buddha – if that’s at all possible…. (I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant.) The sense was that I was *naturally* The Buddha… Isn’t that the essential teaching of Buddhism? I’m not a “Buddhist” so I’m really not sure. It was the sense of *naturally being* the Buddha – not as in the person, but in the universal energy that the Buddha represents – the Buddha Nature. It was like getting a feel for the True Heart: sweet, gentle, kind – as if embraced by an all encompassing Love – as if I was *abiding in* The Buddha. And so I surrendered into the Heart of “The Buddha…”

Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to run out and *become* a “Buddhist” – in the religious sense. I have no desire to do that. I have no desire for religious containers. (Been there, done that…) I simply want to sit – simply sit, in my own simple way and wait – open to this Divine Presence – however it’s named.

I have not spent years meditating and practicing in order to attain “Buddhahood” (not that I have with this experience either). I have not spent years “purifying” myself in order to be worthy. It was just “me” – sitting – and I was gifted with a Divine presence that *felt* like the Buddha. Maybe you have experienced this too … You sense an energy that feels deeply abiding, that knows your Heart – and you give it a name… And how would I have recognized this Buddha energy anyway, I wonder… Something inherent recognized it, something inherent in me knew it. Maybe it’s a Divine Knowing that just knows - Itself….

I spent the rest of the afternoon with a sense of delightful, giggly joy in my heart – as if I had finally found my beloved… There is a very deep love for The Buddha here that I really can’t explain, but I thought it would be interesting to share my experience… I humbly welcome your feedback!

“The Buddha is the jewel -
the light that shines in the Heart of everyone…
the light that shines in the Heart of the world…”


  1. Namaste' MeANderi...

    I love the way you describe your encounter with The Buddha...and I do think it is Divinely Inspired just for you. I too, have those moments in quiet contemplation, prayer, meditation, whatever label you use to connect with the Blessed Universe...when as you say, an inner knowing brings you to a certain something...most of the time for me it is The Ancient Grandmother or Mother and sometimes Buddha, and even Master Jesus...when that sense of connection leaves one feeling so full of joy it is uncontainable and why would we contain it...it is a contagion of knowing and wanting to share it? In other words we cannot contain spirit.

    How lovely the Buddha came to rest in your heart and knowing! :) I joyfully exalt your experience and happiness, and pray the experience itself resides for many hours within you.

    I call those moments Grace...when Grace comes flying in your window...the window of your soul.

    Peace and Joy to You!

  2. Thank you Akasa...

    And as we know, it's all the same wonderful Divine Presence that manifests Itself in all forms - whatever form we can hear and receive at the moment. For me right now it happens to be The Buddha energy... I'm always amazed at how The Divine shows up!

    You might enjoy the blog called "Grace is Now" from my blog list. It is wonderfully inspiring.


  3. It is said that the practice of Buddhism is the study of self.

    I would say that the Buddha of you is doing exactly so. :o)

    Lovely post..I enjoyed reading your experience, your joy, your self discovery.
    Happy journeying...

    Much Metta,

  4. Thank you dear Ama for your expression of loving kindness, and sharing in the excitement of my fresh sense of "awakening" - like a Lotus :) Humbly staying open and receptive, allowing myself to be touched by the Light...

    Bows to you...