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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Face of the 'Self'

What is this “I” – this *sense* of me,
that rises up with thought and emotion?

What is this “I” – this *sense* of me,
that engages in the surface chaos,
with the suffering, and gets entangled?

What is this”I” – this *sense* of me
that will not rest…

What is this “I” – this *sense* of me
that resists recognizing its own
Beingness, its Presence,
its own reflection…

When will this “I” – this sense of me
no longer arise as a separate sense of me,
imagined to be real…

Thought comes back in and
creates the idea of this sense of me…
Contraction occurs.
And a sense of “me” emerges…

What is this “I” – this sense of “me”?

It is Consciousness itSelf…
It is Being itSelf...
manifested as the “me,”
playing *as* the “me.”

”I” (me) is also IT (Consciousness)
having a thought, a dream
that is called “me.”

Being/Consciousness *appears* as “me”
being “me”
being itSelf…

The “self” is the face of the ‘Self ‘-
interfacing with life…

We *are* the ‘Self’ being the “self” –
simultaneously itSelf…

Like the Ocean rising up
and curling back on itSelf - seeing itSelf.

We are ripples of the water of Existence.

We are Existence itSelf.

*Knowing* this is ~ Sweet Serenity…

excerpts from my journals

photo – Christine

Can you see the shadow faces?!

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