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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Squirrel Joy

We are often entertained in the morning at breakfast by this squirrel. The other day I managed to capture him/her on video and my husband put it together with music to create this really short piece (less than a minute) of Squirrel Joy. :) A total frolic. Thought we could all use a little grin, heart smile, or maybe even a chuckle… The Joy of True Nature… The Joy of simply Being...

Enjoy Your Day!

Music: Hampster Dance


  1. Can we bottle this little creature's energy and call it Squirrel Medicine? :)

    I loved it Christine! What a wonderful way to wake up, lol.

    Here is a good write-up on Squirrel Medicine for the inquiring mind...

    Have a Blessed Day Beloved! :)

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE This...these little squirrel guys are sooo sweet. Thank you Christine for this AM joy. We have a couple wildly cute squirrels in the back yard here too. In fact I'll bet they're related ;)
    Have a sweet, sweet day Dear Heart.

  3. Yee-Haa!

    Thank you Ladies! :) Glad you enjoyed it. Can't imagine so much natural joy! :O)

    Thanks for the link Akasa...

  4. That's one crazy squirrel! Had a good chuckle watching this little guy (Or gal). Too many mushrooms perhaps??

  5. ZDS ~ We were wondering that ourselves. A little too much "joy juice" ? :)

  6. boy he sure is full of leaps and bounds. i've never seen such a frisky squirrel. thanks for sharing him with us.

  7. I know Suki - although our squirrels here are pretty active. He seems like a young one. Just juiced up on Joy! LOL

  8. Oh, this is sweet and fun... I just love squirrels! Years ago, at our city apartment, we fed the birds. But squirrels came around too, actually. I miss being close to the squirrels. They have such joy about them. :o) Happy weekend, Christine. ((HUGS))

  9. Thank you Tracy :) ((Hugs)) back and squirrel joy, of course :)


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