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Friday, April 20, 2012

Emerging Joy...

What I really want to express
is the joy of living fully
through each day -
but can’t find the vocabulary
to describe
such an incredibly

Barry Briggs

I find myself feeling this way too, as I unexpectedly tripped over Joy this week.  No words can truly express the *sense* of lightheartedness, the *sense* of deep contentment, equanimity, and dare I say – “happiness” – that inexplicably arose from some well deep within.  I did not go searching for it.  It revealed itself, when I was quiet and open - resting in the space of Awareness.  But – let me explain how it came about…

Last Friday a fellow blogger, Tracy at Prana Light, mentioned something in her post about The Open Heart Project  founded by Susan Piver , and gave a link.  Curious, I clicked on the link and watched a couple of introductory videos, and poked around to see what I could find – particularly if there was a sense of “awake presence”, and did I resonate…    I found other of Susan’s brief Dharma Talks and Meditation videos on Vimeo and proceeded to watch several of them over the weekend.  Susan basically teaches a form of Tibetan Buddhist meditation called “Shamatha”, also known as the "practice of peaceful abiding," which is simply a breath awareness meditation.  Although I have been meditating for several years,  the breath awareness meditation unexpectedly touched my heart and opened me in a way I can’t explain – and something in me responded.  My body, mind and spirit said – YES - and a simple quiet Joy, a childlike happiness of heart, began to emerge from within – something I haven’t felt in a long time…

I curiously noticed throughout the week that there was a new sense of openness and spaciousness about life as well; an evolving relaxed presence, an allowing of life without the constant mind struggle of reactive, critical thoughts creating a veil to this inner sanctum of Joy.  I became less rattled by life events – usually :) - although by the end of the week it was noticed that the usual reactivity was still available and functioning.  Like this morning when I opened Blogger and found that it had all changed! Not that I wasn’t warned – but still.  The reactive mind had a hey-day, like an old computer program that hadn’t been disabled.

Following the fluidity of the breath of life opened the door to places I have never been before, allowing me to experience simple, inexplicable quiet “joy” - and even that isn’t the “right” word – despite the funky mind computer system that wants to play out endlessly…

Who knew that an online meditation practice for 10 mins, 2-3 times a day, would have such an incredible impact; a wonderful deepening and enhancement of my regular meditation.  And this is not a promotional for Susan Piver - at all.  Truth comes through many different vehicles – when least expected. We all have to find the people and ways that resonate with us. I know it is not “her.”  Am just saying the practice of meditation she offers became the vehicle for the realization of an inexpressible Joy within me that was subtly felt and experienced off and on all week.  I’m sure it has been there all along.  I just had to open the door…

Fun-Qi Art™
Emerging Joy
Mystic Meandering
April 18, 2012


  1. Thank you for this reference. I will check out Samatha at your link. I have felt this openness a few times, but not consistently. It would be beautiful to find it daily!

    1. Welcome Ruth! Thank you for coming by! I am finding it helpful... I can't say that I've been experiencing joy everyday - but I am noticing a difference in my view of life.

    2. PS Ruth - I spelled it wrong. It is "Shamatha" meditation :)

  2. I'm loving your paintings, too. . .

  3. Brings joy to my heart to read your post! And yes the art has a wonderful energy to it, reminds me of a lotus.

    Sounds like you really connected with Susan Piver's presentation of the Dharma. I love it when that happens. My current Dharma Darling is Nina Wise.

    1. :) Thank you for the kind words...

      I feel like I connected with Susan's enthusiasm, and her own sense of inner peace and joy. Her "Dharma Talks", as she calls them, are very short. Some I connect with some not, but I especially like the meditations, even though they are all basically the same. There is something about the "container" of meditation instruction that is surprisingly resonating with me at the moment.

      Have not heard of Nina Wise. Will check her out too :)

  4. How wonderful to have tapped into that hidden joy. Sometimes it gets buried so deeply, doesn't it. But I suppose it's always there, locked away while we search for the right key. How sweet for you to have (re)located it! The painting reminds me of the sort of light I sometimes experience in the third eye chakra when meditating...or what passes as meditating in my world. I love your description of a "childlike happiness of heart."

    1. Thank you louciao :) Wow - that's some meditation! psychedelic :) Yes, I think the word "tapped" into joy is what it feels like. It still seems to get buried easily. But now I know it's there... Hope your eye is getting better - real eye that is. Third eye seems to be doing fine :)

  5. Tuning to JOY...works for me. ;o) So glad you found much to add to your practice via Susan Piver's site. I read it regularly now and watch/listen to her teachings. Your new vortex painting reflects a joyful moment--those colors shows! "the joy of living fully,"...good reminder for each day.
    We're going to Vienna later this week and be away a few days. See you soon in blogland. :o) ((HUGS))

    1. Thanks Tracy... Yes, am enjoying Susan's videos - going way back with them till I reach where she started...Wish they were longer though... Have fun in Vienna!

  6. I love THIS post the BEST!!! Have I said that before?:) Thank you Dear Christine...♥

    1. Thank you Dear Leslie... ♥:) You always make this Heart smile!


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