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Friday, June 15, 2012

Where do the "answers" lie...

“I have a thousand brilliant lies
for the question:
Who are you?

I have a thousand brilliant lies
for the question:
What is God?

If you think the Truth can be
known from words,

If you think the Sun and the Ocean
can pass through
that tiny opening called
the mouth…

O Someone should start laughing!
wild laughing – Now!"


"Instead of *thinking* up an answer,
it’s about letting the question
resonate in the pool of the heart,
not as a thought,
but as a listening -
as pure sensing…"

Joan Ruvinsky
Pathless Yoga

"Every new understanding of who you really are,
attunes you more delicately to this space of full awareness,
so that you can hear and be guided by your inner voice
more clearly…

Your attachments may veil the truth from you.
Your attachments lead you to seek
outside yourself for answers
that can only come to you
from your own heart.

Each time you lose contact
with that inner awareness,
you need only meditate.
For through meditation
you will hear that
inner “click”,
that sense of rightness.

Your answers are unique.
Listen with your heart…"

Ram Dass
Journey of Awakening

"The liberating Truth is not static;
it is alive.
It cannot be put into concepts
and be understood by the mind.

The Truth lies beyond all forms of
conceptual fundamentalism.

What you are is the beyond…
It is awake and present -
here and now already.

To be here,
all you have to do
is to let go of
who you *think* you are."


My only advice for you is this…
Go within yourself
and probe the depths
from which your life springs.

And there, at its source,
you’ll find the answer
to the questions…

Accept this answer,
just as you hear it,
without hesitation..

Rainer Maria Rilke
Letters to a Young Poet
(istock photo)

Do not seek the answers to your questions,
but find the perspective that lets you *see through* everything -
seeing the transparency of all things -
the fluidness of it all -
the changeableness of it all…


No longer seeking for answers – BE…
BE profoundly well with everything that arises.
Let it all take place around you.

Sit in the well of “wellness” – the hollow of the Heart.
Sit in the pool of profound Wellness of Being –
Inner Peace,
Inner Stillness,

Live in Primordial Peace,
the Infinite Alive Stillness -
the Pause that sustains everything…


The invitation is to come into the depths.
Find the depths of Being internally.
Find the fluidity under the surface waters
at the depths of Being.

Remind yourself of the depths
from which you came,
and re-enter the depths.
Everything comes together
in the depths of Being…

Find the deep Stillness
and rest there…

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings

“The answer, my friend,
is blowin’ in the wind…
The answer is
blowin’ in the wind…”

Blowin’ In The Wind
Bob Dylan
(sung by Peter, Paul and Mary)


  1. a lovely collection of photos and words, including your own. That Hafiz poem is sheer magic! thanks for these delicious treats.

    1. My pleasure... :) I loved putting these treats together - low calorie, easily digestible - something for everyone... :)

  2. Thank you Dear Christine...Am going to rest in the Space...Sit in the well of “wellness”...where this beautiful post points to. ((❤))

  3. I feel I'm looking for answers to so much in my life when I don't even know how to ask the "right" question. Your collection of thoughts here gives me some needed encouragement to just let go of the "what ifs" and "could bes" and enjoy being in the moment.

    1. That's a good point - knowing the "right questions" to ask... And as you say, just being in the moment, which allows us to get clear and the "answers" to unfold... Your photography for me is a wonderful way to be in the moment!

  4. This has filled my afternoon and heart with so much light and inspiration, Christine... Thank you, thank you... :o) ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you Tracy! :) Glad they spoke to you... Blessings...


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