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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coon Capers...

Time to lighten up!

While visiting with my mother and sister on Saturday
for dinner and a movie
we were pleasantly surprised when a family of
Raccoons showed up right on schedule
for our amusement – of course.  :)

Raccoons have family dynamics too :)

My sister leaves food and water (big green dish) out for them
which is why they come back.

DH - with me telling him where to edit :)
 put this funny video together.
He sped it up so that you wouldn’t
be bored out of your gourd,
which makes for some silly antics.
The chipmunk-like voices are
my sister and me
talking in the background,
making it sound like the Raccoons
are talking to one another. :) 

Nature always has a way of
taking us into the innocence and joy
of the present moment…

Laugh and Enjoy!
or maybe just smile in amusement…


  1. Very cute and very clever - loved it!

    1. Thank you David! And I love your take on the "Three Jewels" over at your blog!

  2. "...bored out of your gourd..." -- YOU crack me up!!! What a cute film...all the better that your sister leaves them food and that they were speaking in our native tongue :)
    One night when I was in the hot tub one humongous one snuck up and put his paws on the edge and stared me straight in the eyes! The water went flying...
    Needed that lightening-up...thanks. xo

  3. Leslie - Now you crack ME up!!!! I can't stop laughing with that image of you and raccoon at the hot tub! Such fun!

  4. Love the raccoon antics! what a sweet family!

  5. Awww! Just don't show them how to open your door ;)

    1. Heh,Heh,Heh :) That's the part of the video we didn't show --- JUST KIDDING! LOL

    2. Hey Meg! Good to see you here! I was over last night to watch your wonderful interview with Quiet Lunch :) I'll jump over and leave a comment...


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