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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wake Up and Laugh!

The other night, at 2am, I was awakened by a dream, not of my own making.  In actuality, I was hardly sleeping at all, when suddenly I was kicked hard in the shin by an errant foot.  I rose to one elbow, exclaiming OWwww, sounding more like an injured cat, to which DH broke out in uncontrollable gales of laughter.  I thought the laughter was part of the dream, but no – he had actually woken up and *realized* that he had been dreaming when he had kicked me, and thought it was hilarious, that what he had dreamed had become a projection into “reality” – projected outside the dream state as an actual kick landing on my shin.  As if they were *not* two separate realities… 

He tried to explain the dream through his belly laughter that I have only heard maybe 3 times in our 33 years.  It was rather delightful actually.  Next thing I knew I was uncontrollably laughing as well.  Not because the dream was so funny, but because my husband’s *reaction* to the fact that he woke up *within* the dream and actually kicked me *outside* of the dream, which threw him into further gyrations of laughter, was just too funny.  Pure, joyous, awakened laughter is catching.

The gist of the dream is that we were outside of a school.  I was standing to his right, and another man grounded a football to him from his left, and he kicked the ball – er my shin – as I slept to his left.  See, not all that funny.  But the reaction to the dream is what woke us up; the realization that his dream and "reality" were one reality.

I’ve heard it said that when we finally “wake up” to the Truth of Existence we start to laugh, realizing what we believed to be real is just a dream, a projection of the mind.  I used to believe this, but now I’m not so sure.  I’m a “direct experience” kind of gal, a woman passionate for Truth, who just wants to experience the Truth of Existence, who just wants to wake up to the Truth and laugh. I used to believe everything I was told was “The Truth.”  Now I’d prefer to experience Truth directly.  On the “path of awakening”, as I discovered, *everything* comes into question.  And I know that *my* mind could not have created this beautiful "dream" we call life…  Just look out your window…

I have had many moments of peeking through the veil that supposedly separates us from the Truth; moments of recognition and laughter; moments of awakening beyond what I *thought* was “the dream.” While walking down a walking path one day a couple of years ago, suddenly everything became more vivid, more vibrant, more *real.*  I realized that this was not a “dream”, but Aliveness Itself, living Here – as THIS.  I actually laughed and cried at the same time – experiencing the radiant brilliance of the Inherent Aliveness that infuses everything.

Calling it a “dream”, or an illusion, seems like a misnomer – to me. :)  It implies that existence, as we know it, isn’t “real.”  But it *is* real.  It is Alive!  Even after “awakening” from/to “the dream”, this thing we *call* “the dream” continues.  It is being lived.  The only difference is – when we wake up, we see what’s behind the dream – the Consciousness, the Inherent Awake Awareness operating *in* and *as* “the dream.”  Everything becomes fully alive – fully real.  We see what we *thought* was “the dream” as being separate from “Reality” is really one fluid, effortless movement of Being, a radiant brilliance of Aliveness, not an “illusion.”  We feel and experience the hum of Life, the Light of Life *in* and *as* everything.  Not either/or - not separate.  Consciousness never sees Itself as anything other than Itself, as anything other than Real – even the so-called “dream.”  We see that what is considered “the dream” is Life living ItSelf in form, an expression of Consciousness ItSelf.  

Everything is Alive

Everything is Nothing
and Nothing is Everything.

Form is formless,
Formless is form…

It’s all Awareness,
expressions of Consciousness,
enjoying the experience of ItSelf…

Wake up and laugh!


  1. And the luminous clarity of your photo of the flower with your clear words are the same. . .

    Thank you.

  2. well that sounds like an interesting opening to the dream/illusion question! Not sure I would have been so good humoured in the middle of the night. Obviously a question you are meant to explore! It's more than tapping you on the shoulder, it's kicking you in the shins.

    Yes in our hum drum everyday world, hard to imagine it is all illusion, a self created dream, but closer examination.. but to know that in an awakened away, that would be wonderful! thanks for the reminder to lighten up which is what I needed right now!!

    1. Thanks for coming on the exploration! :) Well - that's it, I'm just not sure it is a *self*-created dream! If the "self" is an illusion as well, then... More conundrums...

      It was a wonderful wake-up call. Sure has given me a different outlook on life! Right now life feels so Alive that I feel like I'm living in the Emerald City - incredible aliveness and joy - a "letting go" of sorts.

      Glad it brightened your day in the Emerald Forest :)

  3. Now, I'm laughing... laughter is that sweet medicine of life, isn't it? The whole realm of dreams is a fascinating topic, the who is this "me"?, is this "real"? I try to pick apart my dreams but don't always understand them. Interestingly though I get a lot of creative ideas from my dreams. hhhmmm... so much to think about here! :o) Happy Days, Christine ((HUGS))

  4. YES!!! YES!!! "Everything becomes fully alive – fully real." -- I like this direct experience stuff. As a Dear FB friend recently said 'Where outside the great Totality could anything be rejected to?' Even in delusion This all vibrates with exquisite aliveness. When I've peeked outside the Veil that aliveness is even more real and precious and whole...just One.(♥)


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