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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Outside the Box...

*delights* in expressing ItSelf,
delights in ItSelf, in Living ItSelf…

 *How* It expresses ItSelf really doesn’t matter to IT.

 Aware Consciousness has no concept of “non-dual awareness,”
 or “spiritual” language,
 or the concept of “spirituality”,
or religion…
 IT *sees* everything as ItSelf,
 and therefore not separate from ItSelf.

 The idea that Consciousness is “non-dual” does not even occur to IT.
IT just IS…

 It doesn’t *see* dualistically,
but apparently expresses ItSelf dualistically;
a paradox…
 It does not see the self, the me, as a problem to overcome,
 to get rid of, or merge with.
 The whole “me/no-me,” “self/no-self” dualistic concept doesn’t exist to IT.

 I constrained Beingness
 by subtly making those dualistic delineations,
 splitting Existence in two – in the mind – through thought;
 instead of just Being what I already knew myself to be.
That is -
BEingness being ItSelf…
Consciousness aware of Itself as “me” – as ItSelf -
seamlessly and fluidly one Beingness…

What a relief!
 Such freedom!
 I can just BE!

 Living from the Heart of Being
 and not the framework, the mental scaffolding,
the “spiritual” self-image, the self-construct.

The Aliveness that wants to express here
was muted
 *through* constraining myself
 to the frameworks and scaffoldings of
 *conceptual* ideas,
and beliefs…
trying to fit myself into a nice neat “spiritual” box,
with an appropriate label for future delivery.

 Evidently life is about
 *experiencing* that Aliveness now,
 aware of the Life that already lives me – “outside the box.”

Our Eternal Beingness experiences ItSelf through
all experiences,
all expressions,
whether happiness or unhappiness,
joy or sorrow,
as experienced through
this “me-mechanism.”

Beingness experiences ItSelf as everything…
and No-thing…
No distinction…

and beyond Bliss…

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
July 2011
Revised July 2012

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This affect is created by
using the “Invert” function
in Adobe Fireworks.
Taking a mediocre photo
and giving it life! -
looking as if lit from within :)


  1. that is a totally cool photo.

    your words seem to twist my mind a bit, but what i think you are describing is a state of flow. in a state of flow we are one with whatever is happening and not an observer or commenter from aside.

    as a lifelong writer i am often a commenter.

    however in the visual arts i tend to be a flower or flow-er. packing my possessions i seem to flow most of the time, moving from one task to the other without much thought. interesting state.

    1. Hey Suki - good to see you back1 :) Oh dear, sorry if it's kind of a mind twister. Yes, in a sense it is about oneness. That we are not a separate entity from Beingness, we are one and the same. It also attempts to say that we can just BE - without conforming to an external, conceptual framework of belief. That the Beingness, Consciousness, Awareness that we are just IS, without the labels of "non-duality."

      Glad you like the photo :)

  2. As ever, so eloquently put, Christine! I think is so much about experiencing the ALIVENESS of now, and letting go of all that gets in the way of how we don't experience on a daily level-- like, instead of watching TV for an hour tune in to the heart for an hour...things like that. :o) Loved your expression, "seamlessly and fluidly one Beingness"...LOVE the photo play you've been doing here lately too--the inversion feature is fun, no?! Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS)) P.S. Many thanks for your email, I will write you during the weekend as I'm having problems with Hotmail today. :o/

    1. Thank you Tracy :) THIS is my reason to get up in the morning... :) For the adventure of a new day of *awareness* of the Aliveness that animates this Life: to experience Beingness/Consciousness/Awareness intimately - in whatever form or expression, which ultimately is Love for all life, seeing everything as True Beingness. (Still working on that one :)

      Yes, I *love* :) the photo inversion feature - makes everything look magical :) Heart Hugs...

  3. Choreographer Twyla Tharp wrote something to the effect that one has to first have a box in order to think outside of it.

    1. :) And what a good job we do of creating those boxes! Like the Russian dolls that fit one inside the other...


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