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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wonders From the Depths of Being...

Bask in the passion of Truth – of Life;
the passionate Truth of Being.
Let yourself deepen into the
of the
Nameless Ocean of Being,
and become aware
of the
Truth of Being
that you are…

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
July 2012

Wonder of wonders, I may have discovered my reason to get up in the morning. J  It seems it is to *experience* the Adventure of Being – whether one calls it Being, Awareness, Consciousness, Existence, Essential Nature, True Nature, Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness, The Beloved, The Great Msytery, Emptiness, Love, etc.  Any name we give it is merely a description, a characteristic, a quality, an attribute.  But what is this Presence – this Ubiquitous Presence that just IS, that we *feel* as the very basis of our being, of life, of living?  I recently experienced it as the primal passion of Being, the Passion of Being for living ItSelf - here… There’s an Aliveness that wells up, that wants to know ItSelf and be known – intimately - to be acknowledged, experienced, and to be expressed.  Beingness Itself, beyond the mask of “me”, wanting to experience and express ItSelf – as life – as us.  Have you felt it…

I listen to and experience the depths of Being through sitting meditation, through becoming intimately *aware* of Beingness at the depths of Silence, aware of what is Aware of every experience, every thought, every feeling.  Aware of the fluidity, the movement and the tangible depth of Being.  It is Being, expressing ItSelf *as* life.  There is a subtle tingling, a “vibration” of “livingness” going on continuously – unendingly – at the depths of Being… It’s wondrously amazing. The “Emptiness” of Existence is alive and constantly generating Itself in the vibration called life.  There is a deep resonance within the depths of Being – a deep primordial hum of “livingness” – the silent hum of the Universe that vibrates all life into Existence – OM.  It is a deep Aliveness that cannot be interpreted or labeled.  It is not even really “Joy.”  It’s not even “Awareness”.  I can only describe it as a natural, ongoing, all pervasive “Knowingness” – Omniscience – “Omness” (is that a word?) J  But that’s just my experience…  How do you experience the depths of Being – if you care to share…

And in truth, what wants to *be* and just *is* cannot be put into words! Even though we try :) Being has to be experienced – felt – known internally.  It requires complete openness to and immersion in the depths of Being, without agenda - untethered; a willingness to dive deep, to be still, to be aware, to ask to know the Truth of Existence, to listen at the depths of Being and go beyond everything that we *think* we know conceptually - and just know intuitively with the Heart…

Are we willing to *know* with child-like wonder that we *are* the living, breathing Om of the Universe, that we *are* Beingness itself – reverberating through time and timelessness…

Now that’s a reason to get up in the morning! J

Cloud cover tinted blue
and “radial blurred.”


  1. ... that wants to know ItSelf - what a beautiful concept - and how fortunate we are to have human nervous systems to enable that to happen!

    1. Yes, it is! :) And... To have the *awareness* of that which wants to know ItSelf...

  2. Stillness and being is essential to transformation and growth, I'm curious, in your willingness to be still what have you discovered to be the Truth of Existence?

    1. Thank you for coming by and leaving your comment Paul!

      Such a deep question :) How does one really describe the Truth of Existence, the indescribable - besides what I have attempted to write here. :) But to put it in the simplest words possible - for me - what I have experienced is that there is just this vast Ocean of Awake, Aware Knowingness or Beingness that just IS. Many call "it" by many names - Pure Consciousness, Pure Awareness, Pure Being, Presence, etc. At times I have experienced it as a very deep compassion, at other times an incredible depth of pure Silence aware-ing. I keep asking to be shown "the Truth of Existence" and each time there is a little different "quality" or experience of it, but essentially it is this Awake, Aware Knowingness... Hope that answers your question. Christine

      By the way, the link to your blog and web page don't seem to be working...

  3. This is like a grace-moment, a hymn to be-ing in the best possible way, Christine! "the
    Truth of Being that you are…" Self truth, it's the best place to start. For the past two years I've been in a process of recognizing so many truths, it's been illuminating. You are in a transformative place just now... Your insights always make for great food for heart and mind. :o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you Dear Tracy :) I have been on this "path" of discovery for the past 30 years, and it is always amazing how the Truth unfolds Itself, reveals Itself if we are willing to listen deeply, keep an open mind and heart, and then Truth shows Itself to us in ways that we can receive and hear. It's totally intimate, and ever deepening. The Truth is ever-unfolding ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Totally illuminating, and full of "grace-moments" :) as you said... And the Truth of the Self is definitely a good place to "start" :) Discovering the True Self... May we "Bloom True" :) into the Truth of our Beingness... Heart Hugs...

  4. My Being wants to know Itself through the experience of a fresh hot cup of coffee in the morning and gets up when It awakens and remembers that.

    1. Ha-Ha :) Being experiencing all the senses :) I have another blogger friend who experiences the same thing with a cappuccino Cubano at 3pm :) Whatever it takes! LOL

    2. I am so glad that you get my sense of humour! After I posted it I was a bit worried that it might offend you but that was the furthest from my intention. Phew! My Being is relishing the experience of being understood and sharing a laugh!

    3. I *love* your sense of humor! It helps me keep perspective. Your lightness of Heart always brings a smile :) Actually I thought you were going to tell me that it was your Yoga practice that connected you deeply with Being. :) But who knew coffee would do... No worries...


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