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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Passion for Life...

I am re-posting this piece of prose poetry from Friday’s post (with a little different ending) because it really sets the tone for July - Passion!  I am feeling an emergence of passion for Life again - something I haven't felt in a long time.  I'm turning a page, leaving old dramas behind, and returning to a passion for living again.   I know it’s full of “I wants” but it's not about this "little self wanting." There is something welling up deep inside that wants to express, to live, to BE.  So just know that those “wants” come from the deepest yearnings of this Heart and a deep passion for what is True…

I want to walk through life
truly *seeing* - truly Aware…
 *Awake* to the Truth of Eternal Being…
Open to Life –
 not with mental judgments, opinions, and interpretations
 of what is happening,
 or what should be happening,
 or what I wish would happen,
  but with receptivity,

I want to See *everything* as Living Beingness;
 every leaf that drops,
 or snowflake that falls,
every being -
 with the same innocent wonder and amazement as I did as a child
as if seeing Life living for the first time…

  I want to be in Love with Life again –
 if I ever was…
  Maybe Loving Life in new ways –

I want to Hear
the laughter
in my

I want to Experience
with curiosity
and equanimity

I want to Notice…
every thought,
and feeling
as it arises
trying to confine it,
or suppress it
before it is expressed;
or correct others
in their expression.

Save me from the arrogance of
thinking that I know what others need,
or how to “help” or “fix” them;
allowing others to be who they are,
trusting that Life is taking
them where they need to go,
just as It is me…

Let me be free from the entanglements
of the mind
that keep me compliant,
and complicit,
with the world’s ways…

Life is a paradigm of endless pathways,
and I want to risk not following the rules,
the well-worn paths.
Instead - rising above
the familiarity
of “the path”
to see what’s *really* here…

I want to live
the simplicity

And may I have the courage
to speak with fierce grace
to those who would try to
quell this passion,
to strip this enthusiasm,
and suffocate this spontaneity
the radiance





Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
January 1, 2011
revised July 1, 2012


  1. The ALIVENESS and courage are palpable, Christine... Wishing you much peace and joy on this new chapter in your journey! :o) ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you Tracy! Yes, they are! :) even internally. I already feel at peace with myself and experiencing a new "excitement" and adventure toward Life. I also signed up for the True Bloom course in Sept. WooHoo... On my way! :)

  2. Happy to witness your blossoming, Christine. . . and I love your poem: beautiful. "Save me from the arrogance of thinking I know what others need": This is my own desire as I anticipate a visit with my daughter and granddaughter! I simply want to enjoy them when they're here, to BE with them. Thanks for BEING YOU and sharing. ;-)

    1. Thank you Dear Chris... Am glad you understand my meaning... Not assuming what others need in co-dependent ways, or trying to "fix" anything. Family dynamics are the hardest - aren't they? Changing how we do the dance, changing our perspective and role in the dynamic, just stepping out of the way, not trying to control anything, and "just BE with them, - enjoying them" as you so wonderfully pointed out. Big lessons for me!

      I hope you *do* enjoy your visit with your daughter and granddaughter! I'm sure you will :) And thank you for your BEINGNESS here! :)

  3. YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! I LOVE this one the BEST!!! And I love ALL the wants :)
    "passion for Life..." -- may it never die. What a Gem of a post. Now you can retire...lol. Not.

    1. Oh whew! You make me laugh so hard! Sometimes I get so entangled in not trying to have any "wants/desires/passions" on "the spiritual path" that it squelches the *NATURAL* Passion for LIFE! Yes, may it *never* die - and of course it never does ;) It keeps passionately living ItSelf! And of course, as this body ages, I'm just now waking up to this passion for living! I'm a late bloomer :) LOL

      Love you - my passionate friend!

  4. Haha...you and me both. Better start living LIFE -- with PASSION -- before I can't get out of bed. Exactly...what IS this with the 'no wants' -- that's pretty bezerk ;)

    1. You know - there's no "me" to want anything :)

  5. The key (for me) is, as you say, is...Life living itSelf...YES!!! Now 'I' can retire..lol.

    1. Glad you found that key! LOL Ready for that back porch swing? :)


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