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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Sacred Adventure...

“True adventures start with an inclination to enter the unknown.”

Sarah Ban Breathnach

Life is asking me to redefine “the path,” – again - to deepen into a new adventure – a new way of seeing, being, and living.  I am embarking on what feels like a “Sacred Adventure” – a new step into the unknown, opening to new directions, new perspectives, new attitudes, new awareness. Being open to what is really living this Life called “me” – and – at the same time, allowing myself to just be who I am.  As Ramana Maharshi said to those who were searching for the Truth – “Be as you are…”   I didn’t realize how freeing it was to allow myself to just be myself…  I don’t have to strive to know the Truth, to be “spiritual” or “non-dual” – or “enlightened.”  I can just be who I am – as that is who Beingness IS.  Imagine that! :)  I don’t have to be self-conscious about using words like “I”, “me”, “my” – in pseudo non-dual awareness – because it’s all just Awareness, all Consciousness expressing Itself – no distinction needed.  Imagine that :)  I don’t need to worry about whether I’m coming from the ego-self (“little me self”).  I only need to BE and let BEingness reveal ItSelf, express ItSelf, live ItSelf – through “me.”  

I continue to gradually shed the conceptual frameworks that have defined and informed my life so far – the boxes of life that have tended to constrain this authentic expression of Being; extricating my sense of self from the life dramas as well.  This shift in consciousness may take some time.  But some days it feels like I am waking up to a new adventure of Life in which I am finding an incredible sense of Aliveness, peace, adventure, laughter, lightness and boldness – a new passion for Life living Itself through this mechanism called “me.”   Realizing that Life truly IS a Sacred Adventure of Being…  Hope you come along…

“You’ve got to make a conscious choice every day to shed the old -
whatever ‘the old’ means for you -
old issues
old guilt
old patterns
old responses
old resentments
old rivalries
[old beliefs]

We no longer have the luxury of wallowing
in what’s held us back;
the emotional baggage…
[spiritual labels and definitions]
[misconceptions, mis-identifications]

Both authenticity and adventure require
the willingness to shed what’s safe
and predictable
in order to
a new
your authentic life…”

Sarah Ban Breathnach
Something More
Excavating the Authentic Self

And so I have been asking myself: what is it that allows this Beingness that I am to come Alive within?  What is it that allows this Passion of Being to come alive and really live ItSelf here, *through* this vehicle called “me” – and what I have called the “me-mechanism.”?  What allows me to experience this Aliveness that is inherently my Inner Being?  I didn’t *try* to experience it. I can’t explain it.  It is just there!

And how about you?  What inspires you to walk *toward* Life?; to walk into the unknown?; to *live* the  Passion and Aliveness of your Being? 

“…question and quest beyond the distracting entanglements…towards the pure light of understanding.”


  1. Just BE, Christine... let it BE! :o) I find creativity a constant source of inspiration to venture further and deeper into my life and living...Be it painting, writing, a connection with the Universe happens while I create, and the better parts of me are relieved...or at least I think so, it seems so. I discover deep connections to joy when I'm in a creative mode. And it is the fruits of these creative times I offer up. I feel very alive with brush or pen in hand! :o) Happy weekend ((HUGS))

  2. I just had a "hey that's a nice quote...oh I said that?!" moment ; ) This post really resonates with me as I put a lot of irons in the fire for either being here in the country and fully enjoying it (ie reaching out to more people, taking classes) or being elsewhere (the city, whooo!). I can't really leave my enjoyment of life up to the "where" at this point and need to learn to Be exactly where I am...

    1. :) Yes, learning to Be exactly where we are and who we are... Just living life... Thanks!

  3. Listening to the faintest inklings (lol...AND the ones that are yelling at me:) of my heart and trusting that They know the Way...that helps me walk toward Life. Thank you for this deeply inspiring post Dear Christina. AND I hope you are staying cool :)

    1. YEAS! Love it. Me too. Something I'm working on - listening more deeply and trusting. Of course that has always been my *intention* but life kinda gets in the way sometimes :) But obviously The Heart keeps calling - so continue to heed "the call." :)

      Our weather is *finally* cooling off today (low 80's so far), and they are *promising* it will rain tonight! Can hardly wait for the relief. So many fires here.

      Thank you Dear Heart for sharing *your* inspiration! Love - C

  4. To give up to life is a victory, not a defeat. To surrender selfhood is to win true self.

    1. Thank you for your offering here Ron!
      My experience is that once Being-Consciousness/Awareness/The Mystery/God is recognized as all there is living this life called "me", then there is no need to surrender anything - and nothing to "win" - as "we are That" (Nisargardatta, Papaji). There is only the "True Self", Ramana Maharshi). And we simply rest in that authentic Beingness/Aliveness that we are - enjoying life, re-cognizing WHO is really living this life. The more we know this intimately, the less the "selfhood" is an issue because ultimately it is Beingness that is myself... They are not separate entities - which is the great freedom! Hope that makes sense :)

  5. It depends upon each person's perspective. Surrender and winning are words for those who cannot see beyond the the fictions we create about this life (maya in Sanskrit).

    What "is" is not what most people think it is. We are already in the divine because the divine is always in us. Too few people realize that. Eternal life is here and now, but most of them don't care about "eternity."

    1. Thanks Ron, I appreciate your perspective... As you say, "we are already in the divine because the divine is always in us." Is us :) It's all semantics really :) Beingness continues on eternally... Thankfully. it is only the realization of that, that is needed...

  6. An exciting post to be sure! I love this place of being poised on the brink of the unknown, of intuiting a new way of being that peels off another layer of our onion like self.

    Love the quotes and always love how your effort is directed to questioning and going deeper. This week has been slightly crazy making for me but it has allowed me to see more deeply into the tangles of self-hood who we take ourselves to be, to see deeply into that habit who masquerades as me.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it seems like it's always a new discovery doesn't it - seeing beyond that mask of "me" - not believing what the mind tell us we are - discovering the "enlightened" Being that we really are - embracing it all.

    2. Nice one, Christine! Yes, might as well just be who we are -everything else is. Like someone said, 'there's nobody here but us chickens.' :) Wonderful, exiting, and radically ordinary. :)

    3. Thank you David :) Yes, "wonderfully exciting and radically ordinary." I like your phrase...

  7. I love meandering with you. . . ;-)

    1. And I enjoy your company, as we meander the adventure of Life together! :)

  8. I enjoyed this piece so much Christine. It speaks to me of a place of Being which is unselfconscious enough to open us up to a creative consciousness. When we stop struggling, our art comes to us naturally, without forcing it. Just Being ourselves is akin to "dancing like no one is watching." Thank you for sharing these wonderful perspectives...Cynthia :)

    1. And thank you for your delightful comment :) Yes, the place of Being is (in my experience) "unselfconscious" as you so wonderfully put it. Just pure openness to *everything.* I agree, when we stop struggling art/creativity/life comes to us naturally - comes Alive in us, dancing with Life! :)


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