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Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Mooning...

We were out Friday night to watch the “Blue Moon”
to see if she would reveal herself.
I managed to snap a few photos
and added some quotes from Oriah under each one.


“…show me how you reach
 inward and open outward
to feel the kiss of
 the Mystery…”

 “We will never truly be able to
live and love fully
until we find our way of
living from an awareness
of the deep stillness
at the center of
what we are
- our essential nature...”

“Look at your own life
from within that sense of quiet
stillness that you are.
You will see this inner essence,
this innocence,
like a bright thread
woven throughout the
center of your life.

Living it consciously
is why we are here…”

 “At the edge of restful darkness…
the sacred life force calls to us,
asking us to remember…

We feel the longing to go home
to what we are…

It is the impulse of the
life force within us…


you are an embodiment of
the sacred Msytery,
surrounded and held by
The Beloved…”

  “What if your task is simply to unfold,
to become who you already are
in your essential nature -
gentle, compassionate,
and capable of living fully…”

 “…dance with me
in the infinite pause
before the next great inhale
of breath that is breathing
us all into being…”


The quotes above are from 3 different books
by Canadian author and poet
Oriah Mountain Dreamer
 The Invitation (1999)
The Dance (2001)
and The Call (2003)


Photos taken with my little Kodak Easy Share
A little grainy but not bad... :)


  1. Beautiful words and images - thanks for the introduction to Orian!

  2. Enchanted by words and vision, makes me curious about the author of both words and vision! :~)XXX

    1. :) Thank you Sue... I think you would like Oriah's books...

  3. The graininess adds to the artistry of the photos---such lovely clouds and delicate colors surrounding that bright celestial body. ;-)

  4. I was first attracted to that fabulous grainy quality...like a painting of the Blue Moon...and don't we adore the way Oriah weaves her words...so excellent.


  5. Thank you D :) Yes, I love Oriah's words when I'm looking for a little inspiration... speaks to the heart...

  6. "A little grainy but not bad... :)" ~~ I'll say!! Absolutely beautiful Dear Christine...and the perfect OM's Words to accompany...Thank you ! xoxo


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