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Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Go In and In" - Danna Faulds

Go in and in…
Be the space
between the cells,
the vast,
silence in which
spirit dwells…
Be sugar dissolving
on the tongue of life.

Dive in and in…
as deep as you can dive.
Be infinite, ecstatic truth.
Be love conceived and born in union…
Be exactly what you seek,
the Beloved,
singing Yes,
tasting Yes,
embracing Yes
until there is only essence,
the All of Everything
expressing through you
as you…

Go in and in…
and turn away from
that you find…

Danna Faulds
From: Go In and In

Photo: This was a “mistake.”
The camera went off
and I have no idea
what it was aimed at.


  1. The image today is pure delight, Christine... I love such "mistakes"! :o) "...singing Yes..." I thrill the song here today--thank for sharing this. Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. Sounds wonderful! "The Beloved singing Yes!" And you are That :) Happy Days...


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