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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back To The Garden...

"And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden..."
lyric from "Woodstock"

I took a little trip “back to the garden” last week to relieve my myopic view of life, to feel a little spaciousness and gain clearer perspective; to “slow down to the pace of my soul”/spirit/Being. (A phrase coined by Ruth at Washed Stones).  I hadn’t been back to the Garden since May - a public garden, like a botanical garden…  This time it was a delightful damp Fall day.  We haven’t had many of those here this Summer/Fall.  I thrive in the damp coolness of wet earth, subdued skies, and the quiet aloneness with Nature under a still lush canopy of trees that have not yet displayed their colors.   I wandered, through this partially man-made “forest”, meandered down different roads, and paths, listening to silent Intuition lead, waiting for the Voice to speak, to draw my attention to what it wanted me to see - following It’s path…   This is what Intuition found…  Enjoy the view!

Coming around a bend, down a slight hill, I came upon a gaggle of women delighting over Dahlias, which for some reason moved me to tears, internally, to see such joy and excitement being expressed in adults, who were just as excited as children discovering something for the first time!  They spontaneously let their inner spirit come out to play.  Something I needed to do as well, after being bogged down in the bogs of the mind.  I had actually never seen Dahlias before. They *were* wondrously, magically HUGE, as if from Alice’s Wonderland – and their multiplicity of color I had never seen in flowers before!  Only got this one picture though, because the gaggling women were hovering over each long stemmed bloom with a camera, and I had to wait my turn, trying to be obscure– slipping in and slipping away – so as not to intrude… J

Moving on I came across the Pumpkin Patch, as if abandoned to some forlorn landscape away from the Garden… They were HUGE pumpkins – obviously well fed and watered…  I wondered, what do pumpkins think, Charlie Brown… Can they hear the trees talking across the path…  Are they *aware*…  Ah, here it comes, the playful spirit. There was a break in the mental fog…

Intuition led me away to the serenity, silence and stillness of the Lily ponds.  Those big round pads that look like large pizza pies fascinated me (photo below), how they effortlessly just sat on top of the water – tethered somewhere deep beneath the surface, waiting for who knows what – just open and waiting, in silence…  receptive…  Which is what I was trying to be in that moment – listening, awareing with my whole Being…

I passed by this sculpture nestled amongst the evergreens that reminded me of two monks bowing in deep regard for each other, a deep acknowledgment for the *Life* in each other.  Even the statues exuded a certain silent reverence, held in the embrace of the Spruce, and sung to by the whispers of the Pines…

I continued on the winding trails, taking in the smell of the dampness of earth and dying leaves – the smell of change and transition; hearing the gravelly sound as my feet walked on minute crushed rock.  Letting go of mental obsessions, I noticed the sound of rushing water, and followed…  It took me into an enclave of bushes and trees with benches and a lovely little cascade of water over rocks.  Pure, clear fluidity…  The water cascades over the rocks to the right. Wish I had remembered to turn the video on instead…  But you get the idea…  Maybe next time… Gives me a reason to go back, to let my spirit out to play again…

There now, doesn’t that feel better J 

Walk Slowly

“It only takes a reminder to breathe,
a moment to be still, and just like that,
something in me settles, softens, makes
space for imperfection.  The harsh voice
of judgment drops to a whisper and I
remember again that life isn’t a relay
race; that we will all cross the finish
line; that waking up to life is what we
are born for.  As many times as I
forget, catch myself charging forward
without even knowing where I’m going,
that many times I can make the choice
to stop, to breathe, and be, and walk
slowly into the mystery.”

From: Go In and In


  1. Yes that does feel better, beautiful garden thanks for taking us with you. My father grew Dahlias, they used to put paper bags on their heads in those days to protect them from the coal soot that was in the air, before cutting! My sister now lives in his house, I was surprised to see some of those beauties in her garden when I visited recently, no need for protection the air is much cleaner these days! x

    1. Thanks for coming along Sue! :) Sometime I just need to lighten up, and this was a good opportunity. The garden is a public gardens area, like a botanical gardens, with man made ponds, etc. and otherwise cultivated land. I imagine they might have to cover the Dahlias as we are headed for 30 degree temps at night this week!

  2. You just sang to my heart christine! I am so moved by the stillness your post and these pictures create. Thank you thank you! oxox

    1. Thank you Aarathi :) Yes, the Garden is a wonderful place to meander. So peaceful. Was hoping to go back this weekend, but it will be raining and in the 40's! Winter is coming!

  3. Such beautiful images, Christine! There's a wonderful contemplative quality to these photos. Being in a garden, for me, often leads to contemplation. It is pouring with rain here as I write--a world of mottled green, gold and gray looking out the window. A garden for the mind, maybe? ;o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you for your kind words Tracy. It's a great place for "contemplative" photos :) Good pics to incorporate into paintings too :) Big lilies... We are about to get a drastic change in weather over the weekend, with rain/snow mix and temps in the 40's during the day, below freezing at night. Winter is here!

      Wonderful photos of your trip to London over at your place! Glad you had fun! :)


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