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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nature's Canvas...

I wish I could say this was my art, but no, they are Nature’s canvases, with a little help from Adobe Fireworks. J The Fall colors around here were not all that spectacular this year, and none of my photos came out all that well, so I used the “Invert” function to create these photos of nature that look like paintings!

“When your heart sees Reality
then every atom of creation
is a window…”

Llwellyn Vaughan-Lee
Sufi Mystic

“There is no distinction
between reality and unreality.
It’s all a perceived experience…

There is only Isness.
Everything just Is.
Everything is the Real.
There’s no distinction
between Real and Illusion…”

Author unknown

Photo: Tree trunk reflected in a pond…

“Oneness = Divine Nature and man’s human nature,
Spirit one with its own human nature,
God’s indivisible oneness with the
essence of mankind…”

Bernadette Roberts
Christian Contemplative

Photo: Tree fallen in a pond with its top branches
half in and half out of the water, reflecting themselves…

“All things are living,
even stones.
It has to be that way;
energy pulsates from their bodies,
since all are part
of the Omnipresent
Living Being.”

Sufi Poet

Photo: Tree and Bridge reflected in pond

“If there is light somewhere
there is darkness.
The brighter the light
the darker the darkeness,
inseparable twins…

Something holds them both equally,
light and darkness,
surrendering itself joyfully
to the play of duality…”

Non-Duality Teacher

Photo: Tree stump reflected in a pond.

“We are fingers of God’s Awareness.
We are all God’s perception.”

Ram Dass

“It’s all the Self-existent
uncreated Absolute.”

Huang Po – Zen Master


  1. "The brighter the light
    the darker the darkness"---a concept I'm "working" with now. . . How not to DREAD (during "good" times) the (inevitable) darkness that visits me as a flash of searing FEAR.

    These photos are fascinating---very painterly!

    1. Yes, I have had that experience too. The play of duality - flashes of wonderful awareness/light and an ensuing dip into darkness/not knowing/fear. And then bringing awareness to what really holds them both, beyond the mental overlay of fear. It's a difficult one, especially when we are so ingrained in fear as we are as a way of life. I have heard this phrase before as well. Always keep your eyes on the Buddha(the inner Buddha)that seems to help sometimes...

      Yes, that affect on the photos is amazing! Now I can take all my photos that didn't turn out and play with them! :)

  2. But this is your art, if you took the shots they are unique to you, your capture of the moment, we all see things differently, your perceived reality. I like #2, the way the bent tree is reflected and yes the invert treatment adds to the mystique!

    I am an artist, my chosen tool is my camera, sometimes I choose to enhance my images, sometimes not but it is all my art!

    Have a lovely week. x

    1. Thank you for that wonderful reminder Sue! I didn't really think of it that way, but more wishing that I could actually paint like the photos came out. But you are so right - they are a unique expression/perception creating artistry.

      Yes, you are! - an artist - and your photos are exquisitely inspiring!

  3. these are beautiful photos. I agree w/Sue. You are an artist. You see with an artists eye and think with an artists mind.

  4. I'm with Suki and Sue - they are beutiful. They would be beautiful even if they were black and white. Keep on clickin'!

    1. Why thank you David... :) And some beautiful poetry over at your place as well!

  5. These iamges/quotes are so beautiful Dear Christine...YES! No matter how they come to be these images were created by you...of your Hand. How miraculous is That?! Anyway..."There’s no distinction between Real and Illusion…”...Thank God...thank Love(❤)

    1. Miraculous indeed! I'm always in awe of what shows up! Planned or unplanned somehow Beauty arrives... :) Am glad you liked the quotes ;) Love, C

  6. LOVE these images, Christine! These are so beautiful and playful. It's fun to imagine blue or purple leaves on trees. Here the autumn has been mixed. It began lovely, but then turned dully and rainy. Leave have gone golden but have been going fast. It's fun to play around with photos result and bend nature a little bit. ;o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

  7. Beautiful. I am struck by the fact that you have created your own beauty from what you found. This is truly the greatness you are. We on the other hand have been handed the most glorious fall colors I remember ever seeing, and they keep hanging on, incredibly. All I can do is be thankful.

    . . . every atom of creation is a window. YES!

    Abundant thanks for the conversation. xoxo

    1. Thank you Ruth :) Am humbled... And likewise grateful for our inspiring conversation... Heart Hugs...


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