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Sunday, December 29, 2013

35 Years...

Two Upon the Shore of Life

"Like pebbles side by side
upon the sand,
together we’ve endured
the push and pull
of time’s relentless waves.

Still hand in hand, we stand,
where all is moveable, unmoved.
Unending love has made us one
against the toss and tow
of wind and sea.

Now smoothed and polished
by the rain and sun,
our separate lives
are shaped in unity…

You are still you in ways that
have not changed
since we were brought
together long ago.
I am still I.

And time that rearranged
our features
cannot dim the heart’s
deep glow:

We shine together
in this time and place,
each one the light
upon the other’s face.”

(author unknown)

You are truly my
Divine Embrace…


Dec. 29, 1978


  1. Congratulations, this is truly so beautiful in word and vision and thank you for letting us peep at your young love...x

  2. Oooooh, these photos are wonderful! And the poem...how perfect! Thank you for sharing your day with us and congratulations!

    1. Thanks Uma :) The poem was from a card I gave B a couple of years ago...

  3. I agree with sue. Gorgeous picture n beautiful words. Many more to you!

  4. congratulations. and am thrilled to see you!!! lovely photos. and lovely words.

    1. Ha-Ha! Yeah, just a little peek from 35 years ago :) Many changes since then, glasses for one thing, weight for another :). The then and now would have been too much of a shock! LOL Although am not grey *yet* - just little wisps here and there. If I get brave at some point, and can get a good picture of me now, I may just surprise you with a current photo! LOL

  5. Full of love and charm. Such a pleasure to witness here. Thanks for sharing precious memories. I wish you the creation of many more in the New Year!

    1. Thank you Lynne... And I wish for you many warm memories as well...

  6. Beautiful, indeed. . . Thanks, Christine. You inspire bravery!

    1. LOL - I love your use of the word "bravery" :) Indeed - relationship takes "bravery!" I remember telling someone several years ago that if I had known how difficult the marriage relationship was going to be I would have become a nun!!! LOL :) It certainly has had its ups and downs ~ ~ ~


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