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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Simplicity of Silence...


The Rhythm of Silence within is simply found through sitting in meditative silence and listening for the Inner Flow, the Inner Rhythm of Silence, and bringing our awareness to That…  Being in the Rhythm within unwinds “you” – the little me with its stresses and worries and fears.  It unwinds the body, and the thoughts, emotions and feelings that have become our habitual response to life.  It is the medicine that brings us back into the current of Life again – the Inner Life of Spirit…

In the midst of chaos there is always Silence.  In the midst of complexity there is the simplicity of Awareness – if we just notice.  If we just get Quiet and listen…  Each of us has our own way of experiencing this deep Silence within, that brings us to a greater awareness of our “Divine” Nature within.  Simply be open and It will find you…

Reach deeply into the Stillness
within you…
The Primordial Space
of Silence
and thrive there…

In the Stillness is
the congruency of Life…

Be with this Stillness,
with Sacred Silence
and awaken to Its Rhythm…

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Photo of Fall leaves remaining on a branch
 color inverted digitally


  1. I just adore the image, Christine.

  2. Very lovely image, simply beautiful. x

  3. I love both the photo and the words. a reminder to find that silence within or sit in silence and the silence finds me. hard to do in the holiday season.

    1. Thank you Suki Friend :) Yes, tis hard to do in the holiday season, but this weekend was able carve out some time, thankfully! :)

  4. Just home from travels and saw this---http://opentohealing.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/day-of-silence/ --- which reminded me of you, and I found this entry of yours!

    1. Thank you Chris! :) Yes, Michael's post just popped up on my dashboard here, so went over to read it too. Wonderful!


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