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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frenetic Flow...

I’ve been violating my own natural rhythms of life this week, getting caught in the frenetic flow of the crazy Season.  You know, that time of year when human kind reverts to its animal nature competing for the best deals and the best gift, turning “giving” into greed. J  Did you *see* those lines wrapped around the big box stores on Thanskgiving Day, and customers camping out on the sidewalks in order to be the *first* in line, and those images of people beating up on each other to buy an i-pad!? – or whatever the newest technological device is…   It seriously warps my “spiritual” image of humanity each year, as apparently this is what the world is about – for some…  The world at large continues in its craziness, especially at this time of year.  Our conditioning and beliefs run deep.  I remind myself that I don’t have to follow the pack in their frenzie.  I am *so* very aware that I have been allowing my mind to take me on that mythical sleigh ride with those illusive reindeer – “Get-er-done” and “Get it over with” – and of course their leader – Resistance… J  What can I say…  Maybe I require a new consciousness…

I ventured out on a couple of shopping excursions this week.  Consequently I am feeling a little shell-shocked tonight.  My nervous system has been significantly overstimulated by all the noise, people and chaos, as well as the expectations of “The Season.”  I have a sensitive body, and am a Mystic at heart, so I need Silence, Solitude and Sabbatical on a *daily* basis, which I will take tomorrow (Friday) - purposely setting the day aside for Silence, meditation, and rest; becoming aware once again of that silent Rhythm of just Be-ing, finding a fluid flow with Life. 

I am very aware that I easily lose The Rhythm of Silence within – on a daily basis – swimming up stream, tuned to the “world’s rhythm.”  When I don’t get Quiet, I can’t *feel* the Silence within, and can’t follow the inner Flow, and a frenetic way of thinking takes over, (can you tell ? lol:) driving me through the day. I am aware of the need for a change in vision, needing more than just a new lens, but a deep shift within.  Unfortunately spending time in “Silence” seems to find its way to the bottom of my “to-do” list at the end of every day, which means it isn’t getting done.  Not that spending time in “Contemplative Silence” consciously is a “doing” – I realize that it is a way of Being – one which I haven’t evidently entrained with yet, so by the end of the day I have lost that *sense* of Rhythm, and the *awareness* of the Eternal Flow and crave time in Beloved Silence – my sanctuary… 

And then, unexpectedly, I am graced…  As I lay in bed before sleep, I cup my face in the palms of my hands, following the breath, and begin to *feel* the Silent Rhythm of Being again, recognizing its familiar Flow…  It was never completely gone…  I simply had to get Quiet…  When I am in that space the craziness of the world doesn’t matter.  There is only Sweet Peace…

“Our minds have become cluttered with so much programming
that we scarcely feel the intuitive currents of life,
which set the spirit free….
The spirit calls the heart to respond to its desire
 to break free of the imaginary bonds of
belief and fear,
and awaken from the dream of ego,
to new vistas of liberating insight…
opening to flow in new directions and new visions of life…”



  1. OK. Couldnt access the comment box I thought so did the testing thing. Well put. But blame not yourself. the frenetic-ness is in the air, part of just the words holiday season. Almost as "natural" as the pull of the tides. At least in first world countries.

    I sort of opted out of Christmas giving for a long time. I celebrate the solstice in a small way. Still bought little gifts for my parents, who are now gone. This year I sent on package to a friend, most things I had collected at different times of the year or purchased at the local farmers market and/or craft fairs.

    I send a few cards and stay completely away from big stores, as i do anyway.

    One thing i would like would be to take a trip to NY or Boston and just bathe in the richness and beauty of decorations. But not buy.

    The time is over stimulating to me too and that word frenetic came up for me just recently. Not around Christmas but around a task I had to do. I may post about this event that got me excited.

    anyway, perhaps just give to loved ones copies of one of your photos with writings from yourself. handmade, that's the best, the old-fashioned way to give. Give time or a tea visit or something not bought in a store.

    and dont forget to give you youself! love, Suki

    1. So good to see you here again, Dear Friend Suki! And thank you for your loving and encouraging words. I love that you relate it all to the tides - so true, when I think of it, the ebb and flow of energy. The tide must eventually go out! lol

      We have cut way back on gift-giving over the years. Now just give to my mother-in-law, mother and sister. And now don't usually send cards either. Unfortunately my family would not "appreciate" a photo with words. lol...My mother is very into *things.* What can I say... I used to make a lot of home made, craft type gifts too.

      I think this is the first year that I have actually given up my attachment to the Holidays, if you now what I mean. :) We do still put a tree up on Solstice, because that feels more like the *natural* holiday - the reason for the season in the first place.

      I had a dream about you last night!! Will send you an email and share it :)

      Much love to you!


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