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Friday, April 12, 2019

Heart-to-Heart Resonance - Eric Baret and Rumi

The heart is yearning to be open.
When a heart meets an open heart,
when a match approaches a lighted match,
it rejoices in unity, in the flame...
This is called transmission.
But nothing is transmitted.
No one transmits, no one receives;
There is [just] heart-to-heart [resonance].
There is only one heart.

Eric Baret


Some souls have gotten free of their bodies.
Do you see them?
Open your eyes for those who escape to meet
with other escapees, whose hearts associate in a way
they have of leaving their false selves to live
in a truer Self...

From: Escaping to the Forest


What does pre-eternity mean to you?
What is your origin?  The Source?
What is spirit? 
Spend your life finding out your own state.
Those other mysteries will come clear.
God is depth.  And you, you are also deep.
The same depth is in you.

Don't worry about terminology, pre-existence,
the original face, spirit, soul.
Search within yourself.
The great mystery is there.
I want someone with a living pulse,
a living friend...

Excerpts from the Sayings of Shams Tabriz
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