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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Serenity's Sanctuary - Seeing Through Thought

Thought, posing as reality, creates the idea of “a way”, “a truth”, “a path.”
The thing is not to be constrained by thought,
but to discover what in you wants to be lived
wants to be expressed


It is the mind that engages in seeking;
seeking an answer, a way, a purpose, a resolution.
In the stillness of Awareness it doesn’t matter.
Don’t follow the mind.
Enter into the depths of Being –
and know


Don’t seek the answers to your questions in the mind,
but find the perspective that lets you see through everything –
seeing the transparency of all things – the fluidness of it all…


The mind cannot reflect what is Real
because its function is not to reflect what is Real,
but to interface with “illusion.”


It’s what you believe that creates your reality -
the thought system that you’re invested in.


“Return” your thoughts to the place of beginnings –
to Source…


notes from my journals 2004-2006

Photo – Christine Kennedy


  1. and so it is.

    well said Christine,

  2. Love these thoughts. My mind is my biggest waystation, and the one that inevitably drains my energy. To drop into the heart and move from there is such a gift. You have captured this well...