Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Somber Tones of Winter...

Sometimes my Heart sings the somber tones
that have lain dormant
needing expression…

An Adagio emerges
as if someone has died;
maybe that someone is “me,”
the false me… the mask of “me”
that keeps falling off,
leaving something more real exposed…

The grief begins
to sing, to play her strings,
feeling the loss.
I have heard her tune before.
I allow her to play her strings,
until she is played out,
listening to her deeply…

I know that
even the Somber tones are
an expression of the One.
There is no separateness,
no good or bad tones,
just the authentic expression
of what Lives here…

The Somber tones and shades are
Life ItSelf,
inviting me to look deeper,
to find the richness that lives within them…

Their song has to be sung as well.
Even they are the Heart’s language of Love,
calling me to more authentic Living...

Mystic Meandering

January 27, 2011



  1. yes, no separation, no picking and choosing. sometimes winter is somber, sometimes it is all snowy magnificence. If only we could approach it all with the same feeling.

  2. Thank you both :)

    ZDS ~ I have found actually that the somber tones are just as "magnificent" in their own way as the snowy ones, because they actually provide an "opening" into the richness of life. They're all okay. All allowed. All fleeting. It's all "good" :)

  3. Dearest Christine...
    Thank you for these sweet posts..."They're all okay. All allowed." No more stuffing...except at Thanksgiving.

  4. Thank you Leslie - appreciate your comment :)

    I have been experiencing that these "somber" tones, when met with acceptance, open up the depths of love in the Heart - quite amazing. There's something authentic in just allowing everything to be as it is, to allow myself to be as I am... Life is met from a different space - Love. Imagine that! :) Heart Hugs, C

  5. Dearest Christine,
    Just recently (I believe from a change of situation in which I felt I could not be myself) I have begun re-allow thoughts and emotions. In beginning to acceptance them there have been slivers of love...this too has been seen.
    May the 'direction' of footsteps (in the cold of snow) be guided by hints...gracious and sometimes humorous...presented here and all around.

  6. Yeay Leslie :) I know, isn't it marvelous! There's just an opening that occurs - however small or large... and it is just noticed... Love, C

  7. "just the authentic expression
    of what Lives here"

    Christine, never could I express this as exquisitely as you just did...BUT...I have felt this very thing this past week. We certainly are on the same page. :o)
    A person, who was once a long ago friend, said to me..."You are not who you used to be". I only smiled but thought..thank you, your exactly as you used to be.

    I rmbrace the falling aways and the changes...just as you...

    Love and Blessings

  8. Dear Sandra ~ thank you... I know you know this too, from reading your blog... allowing everything to fall away...just being who we are... "...embracing the falling aways" - yes... It's a vulnerable place to be, but well worth it...

    Love and Blessings back to you from the depths of the Heart... Christine


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