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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Imbolc: Fire-Light

I am re-discovering the Fire-Light that wants to come to life here;
that wants to express, to give voice,
and not be constrained by “spiritual” conundrums.
The Light that Lives –
without mentations and cogitations of words and concepts
that cloud and dim its Light…


Interesting that this is arising for me at Imbolc –
the cross quarter day between the Winter Solstice
and the Spring Equinox.
Celtic tradition has it that Imbolc is celebrated
in preparation of “giving birth”,
in anticipation of the birth of Spring.


I’ve actually been feeling this inner Fire for a long time –
pushing through, coming alive, wanting to thrive,
threatening to consume “me;”
creating a combination of excitement and apprehension…

It’s a threshold kind of feeling,
like Imbolc, the threshold of “re-birth”,
of rekindling the inner Light;
the intuitive inner compass Light of the Heart;
the inner Fire-Light that is the expression of Being ItSelf...

I see a spark of light shining…

In the meantime, I intend to in-JOY the remaining days of winter,
tending the faint light until it ignites into the Flame...

Warm Winter Blessings!

top photo: sun through frost on window
bottom photo: street light through frost


  1. Many blessings to you as well and Joyous Imbolc

  2. Many Warm and Flame Light Blessings to You on this day Christine! :)

    Happy Imbolc!

  3. Thank you for this uplifting post Dear Christine...it breathes with joyful anticipation and hope.

  4. fabulous photos! Sounds auspicious, the timing, the sentiments, in tune with the celestial and you inner longings both.

  5. Totally loved this Fire-Light sharing of Imbolc; beautifully written. I read a blog yesterday from Australia talking about the Fire aspect of Imbolc.

    And---spectacular photo of the sun through the frost on the window! OMG, I could gaze that that for hours; pure meditation. Thank you.

  6. Leslie ~ thank you ~ "it breathes" - :) I like that...

    ZDS ~ Thank you! It feels "auspicious too" - in tune with the natural rhythms of life... hummmmm :)

    Darla ~ The Celtic tradition of Imbolc is also based on the Goddess Brigid. A fire was lit in her honor at Imbloc each year, and evidently there is a perpetual fire there that still burns... Glad you liked the photo :)


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