Come meander with me on the pathless path of the Heart
in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Heart's Nature...

Love is a subtle vibration,
shared moments of softness,
just being there…
speaking Heart to Heart…


Love is knowing that
you are the Heart of everyone,
and everyone is the Heart of you,
hidden behind transparent walls…
In seeing through, there is
a deepening compassion for our fragility,
our vulnerability, our wounds,
because they are the same…


In the deep Womb of our Heart,
there is a song…
It is sung with tenderness
for every heart that aches
from its imagined separateness
from The Beloved,
the root of all suffering…


The True Nature of the Heart is deep compassion;
the Rhythm of Love…

Sit in deep Quiet and listen
until you hear It…


Heart Hugs to all my wonderful Heart Friends!

Mystic Meandering

Photo ~ I resurrected this photo from a 2009 post,
which some of you may remember.
It was sent to me by a friend.


  1. Heart Hugs to this Dearest Christine. Thank you for this sweetest of posts...all of which have served as a pillar of Love and Strength in guiding this one home, to the Heart, where she will see there has never been any separation. With love and Valentinial gratitude!

  2. Beautiful...reflecting the resonance of our hearts...I do believe the strings of our harps (hearts) were vibrating next to each other this morning, this day of honoring pure loving... much love to you, Christine!

  3. And thank you Leslie for the presence of your open and loving Heart here as we explore the caverns of the Heart together :) Love - C

  4. Thank you Darla... Playing the Heart strings ~~~ listening to the Rhythm... Such delightful music :) Love, C

  5. Oh how stirringly beautiful and resonant Christine! You always touch me right where I need it most...today is no exception.

    Happy Belated Valentine's Day but more importantly, Happy Love to You This Day and Always!

    In Cascading Love...

  6. Akasa ~ And I loved the quote you posted from Oriah Mountain Dreamer yesterday - quite resonant! May your heart always feel wrapped in Love :) C

  7. Love that picture! Thank you for the heart song too!


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