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in these anecdotal,
sometimes inspiring, sometimes personal meanderings of the Heart's opening in the every-day-ness of life...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Womb of the Beloved

Every sound is Your vibration…
Every heart is Yours beating…
Every experience is Your experience,

felt in the Womb of Your Heart…

Every heartache is Your heartache…
Every pain is Your pain,

felt intimately in the Womb of Your Heart…

Every gesture of kindness and compassion
is Yours as well…

Every awareness is Your Awareing
from the Womb of Your Heart…

The Womb of Your Heart
is the liquid pool of Life
from which you
morph YourSelf
into form…


Mystic Meandering

Feb. 17, 2011


Photo – a clear glass sphere
sitting in a bed of glass pebbles


“The Beloved” that I speak of is not an “It”,
not an object, a persona, or
some-thing to be objectified,
achieved, grasped or owned.
It could also be called:
The Unknown, The Mystery, Emptiness,
Isness, Beingness, Formlessness,
True Nature, True Mind, Deep Mind,
The Heart,
Life ItSelf,
That which lives this body,
the Nameless “I”



  1. I love this phrase...womb of your heart. I'm going to be leading a heartfulness meditation group for women healing through chronic illness starting mid March and have chosen to call it The Healing Womb...because the word for compassion in Hebrew is rooted in the word for womb...and heartfulness/mindfulness for me is about birthing and rebirthing moment to moment with compassion and loving kindness. So you can see how your beautiful poem resonates so deeply for me. Just beautiful.

    gentle steps

  2. Laura ~ Am glad this piece spoke to your heart... And how interesting that the word compassion is rooted in the word for womb! Wow - the Womb Heart from which all Life, compassion, and love flows naturally, ceaselessly - liquidly:) Amazing isn't it...

    Wishing you success with your women's healing group... Heart Hugs - Christine

  3. Ahhhh . . . "the womb of your heart" . . . beautiful

  4. First, I love that your poems have a visual shape and the photograph is so amazingly, well fluid, it's hard to determine just what it is.

    And I feel the inexpressible qualities that your poems are working with, that which really is beyond and needs no words, yet you have pointed us ever so carefully in this direction.

  5. Thank you Darla...

    ZDS ~ Thank you, beautifully said: "that which is beyond and needs no words." Yes! That's what I wanted to say! :) Sometimes the words of the poems just come pouring out, and then I add more words by trying to explain and qualify them with my end notes :( Kind of like scribbling over a painting after it's finished I guess... With gratitude...


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