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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Serenity's Sanctuary - Ebb & Flow

Be like the ocean that ebbs and flows –
rhythmic movement that rests,
that is without effort,
just ebbing and flowing.

Allow yourself to be carried by the ebb and flow,
the rhythm,
the ebb and flow at the core of Being.
You must learn to live there.
Practice allowing the ebb and flow to caress you,
to overtake you.
Do not be afraid to let go into the Silence of the Divine.

Find the harmony in this space of Silence,
and allow it to dissolve you;
the you that you think you know.

It is time to live from Being – the tides of Being.
The Ebb and Flow of Existence.

Surrender into the Heart and Rest.

Sweet Serenity...


compilations of insights from the Heart of Being

Photo by Bill Kennedy
The inside of a large earthenware flower pot

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