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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Serenity's Sanctuary - Allowing

All old paradigms, perceptions, perspectives and judgments
don’t matter anymore.
It is time to see things new – through Innocence and Love –
despite the pains and frustrations, wounds and traumas that are
emerging through the physical body and the collective body.

Embrace it all in Innocence.

This is the lesson:
To see Love in everything.
It is the Divine Truth of all things.


Compassion is the embrace of what is;
seeing what is, clearly and cleanly, without a need to fix.
Just embrace. Just hold.
Just suspend in what is.
See what is and embrace it without changing it.
That is compassion.


Accept the “wounds” as arising in the field of Being,
as part of your fabric, your dance of Life.
Just move with it.
Don’t try to figure it out, or analyze it.
Just let it all be what it is.


All that is required is allowing.
Allow Being to Be.
Just allow whatever moves to move, to be.
It’s just Isness Be-ing.
Let the “me” function rest.
What happens when you let the “me” function rest
and just allow?


Being breaks through the confusion, the illusion, the mind.
Being breaks through for union with Itself…
Being wants to break through, to come Alive,
to Express.

Sweet Serenity...


compilations of insights from the Heart of Being

Photo by Bill Kennedy

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