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Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Transition...

Yesterday morning was the first morning in a long time that I have awakened *without* the underlying feeling of fear, but with a depth of clarity and stability in meeting the day - a welcome change! There is more of a sense of mindfulness/awareness of what's beyond "the fear dream" that has a quality of curiosity and gratitude - which is also very welcome!

I seem to have "transitioned" into a "new" place, a new way of seeing, which I am unable to articulate at this time. And yet, I’m still in a very deep place of “not knowing” – a deep place of “emptiness” - knowing that it doesn’t matter what I “know” ,or don’t know for that matter, or whether I can articulate what “I” know (which is only what I *think* I know) as there are no words that can articulate “IT” anyway - except that it has something to do with *experiencing* life in new ways, seeing “The Sacred” in everything, and honoring the "Natural Rhythms." There are many changes/transitions underfoot here in many areas of my life – creating a feeling of groundlessness and directionless-ness – which I have come to accept. The release of fear has created a very open space, which seems to be preparing me for new explorations and discoveries :) Future "Cave Writings" I'm sure! :)

All is infinitely well…

There is a love that lives beyond the veil of “me”,
beyond the veil of fear…



  1. Dearest Christine,
    Have no words for how incredibly sweet this message is. Except deep bows to this lovely CDS'ter :)
    I love the shoes...pointing in opposite directions...thank you for voicing this deep sense of groundlessness. Of not knowing what may happen. You know more of me than me :) As if my own groundlessness is not enough my son will be moving down 'here' -- wherever that might be -- when he graduates in a month. There will be two of us to 'not know'...adds an uncomfortable mix to the not-knowing as I have no idea where I will 'be'.
    Letting go is the only option...my only prayer is that it is That and not the opposite of contraction, that I read about.
    With deep gratidue Dear Christine...

  2. Hey Leslie :) The shoes just ended up that way on the floor and thought it would make an interesting picture... Sounds like you are in for some interesting "transitions" yourself with your son. Lots of opportunities to stay aware and not get swallowed up by the dream. :) And lots and lots of Cave time :)

  3. Hey Dear Christine...Big gigantic hugs Dear CDS'ter!
    New mantra...stay aware..stay open...don't get swallowed up by the dream...chill-out the mind/body :)

  4. Sounds like a good place to be! And those shoes say it all.

  5. Yeah, transitioning is "interesting - you never know where you're going to land... :)


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